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    Hiring: ($75+) Looking for a new character design!

    hello! I'm interested! More examples and prices can be found here some things to keep in mind: Ref sheets are simply the price of all the items on the sheet added together. Keep in mind flat colours are three quarters the price of a full coloured one (i.e something that would cost $100...
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    Hiring: Dedicated Artist Wanted

    Heya! Sounds like an interesting deal! I have quite a few styles, so if you want only one artist but a variety of styles I got ya covered haha [/SPOILER]
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    Hiring: ($75+) Art of two - Goat and Wolf

    Heya! I'm interested! I've got way too many styles, all of which can be found along with prices here Also would be totally up to being payed in GBP if that's your preferred currency (Cause we'd both be able to avoid conversion fees lol).
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    Hiring: LF art for multiple D&D characters

    Hey there! I'm interested! More examples and prices can be found here
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    Hiring: ($150+) Pokesona ref sheet in 3 styles (CLOSED)

    Heya! I'm possibly a bit off budget but I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring anyway :) More examples and prices can be found here
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    [Hiring] Looking For Fantasy Artist For Creature Design

    Heya! I love working on in depth creature designs so consider me interested!
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    Hiring: ($50+) Closed - Fullbody, SFW, Beach Scene Commission (Preferably less than $100, but we'll see)

    Heya! I'm interested! I have a few different art styles but maybe one will interest you. More examples and prices can be found here