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    Send me Art Requests (pls read)

    Is it okay if I link my Toyhou.se and let you pick whichever of my OCs you would like to draw? I only really have 1 anthro character but I have quite a few humans and fandom related OCs
  2. shadytay

    Requests Open to prepare gallery :P

    Hi, if this is still open I would love to request my sona in maybe a more casual outfit? All my refs are here! Thank you!
  3. shadytay

    Forehead too big on bucket heads?

    It looks like you are just using too long of a measurement for the staring face part and adding too much foam to the top.
  4. shadytay

    Forehead too big on bucket heads?

    Is there a particular tutorial you are following? or are you just winging it?
  5. shadytay

    Where can I go in fursuit? And how do I approach doing so?

    Sounds good! let me know how it goes!
  6. shadytay

    Tired and Hungry

    Tired and Hungry
  7. shadytay

    Where can I go in fursuit? And how do I approach doing so?

    If you plan on suiting in an establishment call them up and ask about their policies on costumes and masks. Maybe explain that you are an enthusiast and would like to show off your work with the general public and spin it as entertainment that the place doesn't have to pay for? If they refuse...
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    I want to make a head

    So, I have never made a fursuit head and I have looked at a few tutorials. I understand the basics of what I need to do but I was wondering how I should go about translating my fursona's eyes into physical form. (You can see a few pictures of him here.) Would buckram work? Just put it in and not...
  9. shadytay

    Bee Yourself Charms [Preorder]

    Hi there! I am a young queer person trying to get off the ground with their art and I made some cute bee charm designs. I am holding a preorder for the charms on my store for 5 of the designs. I need to sell 20 charms to cover the cost of the first order. So if you are interested and want to...