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    Confessions thread

    I find it really hard to regularly posting here, and I don't know why. By the time I get done with homework, playing some games, etc, i'm already starting to go to bed. I like everyone here, I'm just terrible at being social. Sorry ._.
  2. shamanate

    What's your GPA looking like?

    Right now I'm at a 3.1 or so. I had a really high GPA Freshman year, but I took a heavy schedule sophomore year and dropped a bunch. I'm just really lazy though. I have a 30 on the ACT and I could probably get a high GPA if i tried, but if I don't study at all and I don't try...I still get an...
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    Why do Hot Pockets have to be so hot?

    I used to eat Hot Pockets when I was younger as a quick food when I was home alone. Now that I'm older and trying to lose weight...welp...better stay away from the pockets that contain like 50% of my daily sodium intake.
  4. shamanate

    Confessions thread

    Is it bad that I'm saving my first kiss for my boyfriend? Like, I know its really sappy and I'll suck at kissing when we get together (It will be our 2 year anniversary in March, and I'm hoping to get accepted to a college near him) but I've never really had the opportunity to give up my first...
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    First Time Posting to the Public

    Hey everyone! I just wrote a short, one paged story. While I love to rp, and I've attempted to write longer stories in the past, I've never let anyone actually read them. I guess I always assumed my writing was terrible? Anyways, I thought I might as well post this to see just how terrible my...
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    weird encounters with your ex

    Well I'm in pretty good standing with almost all my exes. The only one I'm not really...talking to anymore was this one guy from a few years ago. We only dated for a week...it started out with him being super romantic, and it ended a week later because I said "I love you" a few times. Ugh...
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    Confessions thread

    When I went to korea, my "korean age" (age system is different there) was just old enough to drink at the end of my exchange. I went to a gay bar in this low section of town, and it was doors with rainbows on them in an alley. I went to one and had a drink and the only people there all knew...
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    Oh my gosh! I miss kimchi so much. I spent a year as a high school exchange student to South Korea, I got back this past July. I already miss the area, and Kimchi was one of my favorite foods! 아ㅏㅏㅏ~ 김치 맜있어!! 나는 한국어 잘 못 말해..ㅠㅠ 많이 어려워. Gosh that...
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    Hey everyone! I'm not quite sure if there is already a thread for this, but from what my quick searching resulted in, I'd say that would be a -no-. I love to cook, and I love even more to bake! I just finished making 65~ish oreo truffles, for my friends on friday. I feel like I mostly cook for...
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    Confessions thread

    I'm deathly afraid of bees. If i see a bee or a wasp, I will start crying and run in the opposite direction. I once even said I was allergic to bees so I got out of a bunch of activities we had to do outside during Elementary school, since there was more bee activity outside that spring. Also...
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    Confessions thread

    I'm really sorry to hear that ._. While I personally don't know the struggles of medications and things of that nature, I hope you get better! I'm here for everyone that needs help, so if you ever want to talk, message me! I cannot comment on whether to or not to take the medication, however. If...
  12. shamanate

    Anyone read/watch The Bedfellows?

    I really love the cartoon series, though I need to read to comic! Though my favorite thing ever is all the non-furries in the youtube comment section arguing over if Fatigue is a girl or a guy. It is my favorite thing ever, since Fatigue is obviously "biologically" a male, but his gender seems...
  13. shamanate

    Confessions thread

    Grah, I can't handle this, haha. Ever since I started posting yesterday, everyone has been super nice and complimenting me about how nice I am. I never get complimented in real life, so I dunno how to handle it! Anyways, you guys are all really nice and I'm glad I'm posting here now...I guess...
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    Discuss Anime

    Ok! I may sound super gay for liking this, but I don't care! This new anime just started airing this new 2015 season, and so far I love it so much. Sure, there are anime I like more, but this one is definitely seeming like it might be my top 10! Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu Love is the name of...
  15. shamanate

    How do I know if I'm a furry?

    Like many people have stated, being a furry is how you view it! The wonderful thing about the furry fandom is how diverse it is. There are so many aspects of it! There are those who view it as a lifestyle, making every aspect of their lives "furry". They constantly go to furmeets, furry...