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  1. Sharky Attenborough

    Sorry, Doomsayers, the World Will Go On After 2012 *^^*

    Aw, and here I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay back my student loans!
  2. Sharky Attenborough

    If anthros existed in real life, would you date one?

    Absolutely not. Though, if I were to delve too deeply into the question and assume that anthros and humans had been living together for as long as time and this bizzare inter-species romance was something socially acceptable, I might be more open to the idea. Also, I think real life anthros...
  3. Sharky Attenborough

    What brings you back to FA/FAF

    In regards to the mainsite, I think it's mostly habbit that keeps brining me back there. Checking up on it is part of my daily routine, and it has been for the past couple of years. Although with my new account I am going to make an effort to post art on it and look for art relevent to my...