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    hello ♡♡♡

    Hey welcome! Hope you find what you are looking for!
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    Species Roll Call

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    Let's give this one more try before I quit.

    Perhaps taking a break is the best option for now. I was exceptionally frustrated as I floated between sonas for years and nothing felt quite right. Once I stopped thinking about it so much and feeling stressed about it a little time passed and I ended up making my shark without meaning to. I...
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    Fursona species! Help!

    One piece of advice I can give you is to be patient and know that honestly you may not get it right on the first try and that's OK. It took me years before I finally made Caleb and realized he was the perfect fit for me.
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    What video game are you playing...

    Finally gotten around to playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. Looks like my patience has paid off, it's been patched up real nice!
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    Hello all!

    I won't lie I'm not even certain of everything to say in this intro; as the lexicon that the community tends to use has diverged greatly since I was last a part of it and even now a lot of words can't seem to hold onto a single meaning. I was a part of the community for years, but a long time...