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    What are you doing tonight?

    doing your mom, doindoin your mom
  2. Shaui

    FAF's Transmission of Choice?

    Semi-automatic is probably most likened to having Siri trying to pick up chicks for you, well, driving a ferrari with one of these paddle shifter thingies would be fun REGARDLESS of being semi-auto. And for the record, I drive manual. Both parents do and I had to learn. It's easier than you think!
  3. Shaui

    Let's talk about...

    My town of Plymouth Massachusetts has a relatively high police presence, I see cruisers every day driving around, and the occasional k-9 unit. Only thing to ever happen on my street was a burglary that was resolved in 40 minutes or so. I think crimes like illicit drug dealings (primarily...
  4. Shaui

    Has anyone else ever noticed this about doctors and dentists.

    The doctor probably has a better opinion than you do about what you should do. Doctors generally are interested in making you healthy and doing preventative maintenance on you to prevent future problems. What seems like a big cost to you now would turn out saving you thousands possibly. EDIT: I...
  5. Shaui

    Words that sound too much like bad words

    Fuck EDIT: Cotton-headed ninny muggins
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    This was inevitable (more Korea stuff)

    You being a DPRK guard probably have first-hand knowledge of this.
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    How open are you about being a furry?

    Near zero
  8. Shaui


    Where was the Westboro Baptist Church? They should have protested this funeral...
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    Dude your avatar is fucking awesome, DPRK DMZ guard ftw!

    Dude your avatar is fucking awesome, DPRK DMZ guard ftw!
  10. Shaui

    It's all about the money!

    Do what I did: If you're living with parents: PUT ALL THE MONEY IN THE BANK or just hold onto it somewhere. I worked for a summer and before I knew it I had over 2k in savings!
  11. Shaui

    How many Gigabytes of Furry art?

    I fave a whole bunch of shit on FA, and downloading all the faves is a good way to build up my collection.
  12. Shaui

    Hi, i'm new! :D

    Red pandas are so cute :D
  13. Shaui

    Hello all *bows*

    Finding friendly people here will be a pain too but there are pockets of decent characters, but I shall issue the FAF welcome to you. Welcome, enjoy your stay, play friendly, and don't be rude! PS: Windragon sounds badass
  14. Shaui

    MERI KURISUMASU!!!!!!!!!

    Sat on my ass...'twas comfy.