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Shen Nai
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  • That question is definitely not fair, because even the Mad Hatter doesn't know the answer. just sayin.
    It's an orchid world of kiwi green, fushia purple, and glowing white. A small dog lays his head on my pillow as I enter and my body relaxes as I say, "Bailando", and he looks up at me with liquid amber eyes and smiles. The petite black cat at the foot of the bed rolls over and paws my hands as I rub her forehead and say, "Door is the prettiest girl inthe whole world, yes she is." Collapsing on the bed and stroking Bailando's ears, I consider my new book, the merits of a nap and my peach iced tea. I groan at the thought of going out into the heat and potting my new hew herbs and and Pansies and Spanish Lavender. Too hot. Starving. "How does gaucamole and quesadillas sound with sour cream?" A tail wags with enthusiusium at the mention of food and I sigh and propel myself towards the kitchen.
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