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    Server Hardware Fault

    Awww.... man. I wish I was not having money problems my self right now. I know how it feels having to buy new hardware at the ASAP and being short the funds...
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    Can anyone help an idiot connect his 360 to his wireless network?

    Not all router work right with the 360 wireless. I've had many routers from many companies and the only one that works with all my systems and computers without a lot of problems is *choke* Linksys. If you get one, keep in mind they a shit for Techs and will try their best to keep you from...
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    Who creates non-anthro art (Part 2)

    I draw both, but I don't post everything I draw online. Mostly what I do draw for the net turns out to be furry, I want to draw more humans for the net, but still have a few furry pics I want to do first.
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    FA Policy Notice - "Cub" Art

    Online obsessions could be anything from child porn pics to downloading movies, to chatting with kids on myspace.
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    Take your time. I'm glad to see you are working to get that fixed.
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    A Thank-You For a Fair Decision

    Oooohhh Some of you people have turned this upside down. You post how you feel it is wrong and the immatureness of it, when you yourselves are acting immature about it as well. Geeze people get over it and move on. You want to remove your work and move on, DO IT! Quit posting your actions as...
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    FA Policy Notice - "Cub" Art

    Thankyou for this.
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    Why even bother posting Polls here?

    If you are going to post a poll, you could at least let everyone on FA know about it. Post it on the front page of the site. There are a lot of people who never visit the Forums and then there are those who rarely visit (like me). The reason I'm posting this is I notice a poll taken not long ago...
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    Filter Revision Proposal - The /AH/ Autofilter

    I think it is a great idea. I'd rather people be able to see or post art they like in an filter then not be able to at all. No matter how painful it is to some others. That way the don't have to see it and the ones that do.... can. It can make both parties happy.
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    FA = BLAMO!

    *sigh* lets hope things get fixed. I remember last time FA was always down.... didn't like it at all. I hope it is not getting hacked or something of the sort.
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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    I hope this does not drive too many artist away. It is driving me up the wall as it is. The only things that keeps me here are the open-minded ppl. Everywhere else I go either will not let me post ALL my work I want to post, or the ppl there are closed-minded $%#holes.
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    Why is fa down? (click for information...)

    what a tease this has been.............
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    Hunting down [insert artist name here]

    :shock: wow Blade, you have a lot of places for your art. I use too, but sites came down and some I left. FA seems to be one of the few that still gets updates from me. My site is down and I've been MIA for a while. Most of my art is around a lot of yahoo groups. At least the ones yahoo did...
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    We've hit our goal!!

    About time some good news came into play.
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    Your "friend" will just have to get over it. Anyhow....... I don't know if you've been with the site since it first started, but it has had it's share of problems. The more that happen, the less people will visit. Why would an artist want to post his/her art on a site that few ever visit...