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    Can authors write their own fanfic?

    I would argue yes, considering I've done it. But say J. K. Rowling wrote a story about Harry and Ron in a gay romance and posted it somewhere. It's not cannon or anything...just for fun. Would that be a fanfic? Or just a non-cannon story? To me, I would consider it fanfic. It's not cannon and...
  2. Shouden

    Cover Art for Book

    So, I'm getting ready to self publish a book and I need some really simple cover art done. I don't have the money for a commission, but I'd be willing to trade a story for cover art and/or give a portion of sales. Here's my idea: In big bold letters at the top we see the title: Cityscape...
  3. Shouden

    Blacksad anyone?

    Blacksad Episode 5: Amarillo will be released in English on October 21st! I've got the first 4. Definitely be getting this!
  4. Shouden

    Bot on FA...

    Well, they have clean up the site somehow. And putting it in read only mode while they remove the images and put in a couple extra security measures so bots can't do that again is probably the best choice. Not that it was easy for someone to bot this site like that. Someone has some serious...
  5. Shouden

    Blacksad #5: Amarillo

    The next issue of acclaimed series Blacksad is out. If you don't know what Blacksad is, it's a furry comic series illustrated by former Disney animator Juanjo Guarnido and written by Juan Diaz Canales. Originally released in French, the series caught the attention of Dark Horse Comics who has...
  6. Shouden

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Well, I just finished Uncharted 3 (meh. 2 was much better. 3/5.) and am downloading the Mass Effect Trilogy. Also, GTAIV's Beach Bum Pack comes out tomorrow, so I'll be playing that...and Ico and Dragon's Dogma until December 6th when GT6 is released.
  7. Shouden

    Advice for writing Anthro characters?

    Generally, you want a good reason for them to be anthro. I always write anthros with their naturally good senses of smell and hearing. But, a bird, for instance, would have good eyesight. It might be helpful to do some research on the feral creature before you anthro it, and don't try to make...
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    How often do you write?

    Since I started school I get a nice hour of writing in between classes. And I've been doing a little writing here an there outside of school.
  9. Shouden

    Looking for a painting

    Hey, three years later and I found the painting. It's Mystery of the Wolves by Bo Newell.
  10. Shouden

    Mixed Breed grammer

    Alright, I usually just use the hyphenated version. I have a few mix breed characters and I mostly just use something like "Tiger-wolf mix" for a description and then, if I want to refer back to the description later, I describe their fur or something else to describe them. Thanks everyone.
  11. Shouden

    Mixed Breed grammer

    Thank you, conker, for the grammar lesson and the...umm....."grammar" lesson.
  12. Shouden

    Mixed Breed grammer

    Anyone know what the proper way to write a mix breed? Are the breeds hyphened like wolf-husky? Do you put a slash (wolf/husky) or what?
  13. Shouden

    Do you think a story with an anthro-ish main character can make it big?

    Two great examples of anthro-themed stories making it big: Watership Down - Although, a little less anthro than most, Richard Adams still gave his rabbits speech and religion, so, technically, they're anthro. And Watership Down is now a classic story that's very well written. Blacksad would be...
  14. Shouden

    Looking for Anthro Heroine Stories (any genre)

    90% of my stories have female protags and are non-smut. You could also check out the Executioners. I think some of those comics are female-focused. Other than that...I'm not sure. I know I'm working on a few novels with female leads, like I said, but, I don't know.
  15. Shouden

    Looking for writers?

    Umm...I think I should toss in my other account: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dariaproductions/ All Adult stories. Very NSFW.