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    Technology can be downright scary

    Ha, I was thinking I was the only one for a while there! I thought it looked like it should be in a video game.
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    Public Furry or Private Furry (in RL)?

    Almost no one in RL knows, mostly because I never draw any attention at all to it. In fact, when a friend of mine found out she was shocked. She called me a "stealth fur". xD
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    I rarely go outside. Usually when I do it's for nature photography, and I don't do that nearly as often as I should. I'm too much of a computer whore to venture outside too often.
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    Gas-saving advice for y'all

    ToeClaws -Yup, 4-cylinder for my little car. While I never really that outside of my neighborhood (35 mph tops, breaking down the hill to maintain the speed limit) I can definitely see how that could hurt my transmission. I usually coast down my neighborhood hill, stop at stop signs, put the car...
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    Type "The cake is a lie" with your nose and your eyes closed!

    Second try, this time on a laptop: Rge cxnf kc d lif. Dammit! At least my laptop keyboard smelled nice?
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    Gas-saving advice for y'all

    Sorry if I've skimmed over the answer already, but is putting your car in neutral (NOT turning it off) and coasting down hills a good idea? Both my friend and I have been doing that recently (he's got a manual, I've got an automatic), but I wonder if it's really doing anything. I've been...
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    Type "The cake is a lie" with your nose and your eyes closed!

    Thddcakje is a ,jke. Ha, capslock. I got kind of close...?
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    Abusing thread.

    Cell phones - I went through one by accident and other because of a not-so-accident. Fried food - Went on vacation to the East Coast to a place where they LOVED their food and I ate so much of the fried stuff that I swear if I get near another onion ring I'll puke. D:
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    Mom's Side: Irish Norwegian English Scottish Swedish French Canadian Dad's Side: Irish (?) Extensive info on family trees FTW... except we really have no idea about my dad's side of the family because the tree dies off in Kentucky somewhere, but judging from appearances and last names his side...
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    History is batshit INSANE

    Well I just got back from a rather historic-like trip to Virginia and discovered this small, amusing tidbit: Civil War, Battle of the Crater, 1864. Miners offered their help to the Union force by digging a 511-foot shaft under Confederate lines and filled "with 320 kegs of gunpowder, totaling...
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    The Religion Thread

    And here comes along a Presbyterian (aka Protestantism/Other) to throw the poll off! Heh. Like you kamunt, I've always been one and have no reason to stop believing. Most devout Christians would scold me so hard though - I haven't really followed a lot of the traditions and teachings. A...
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    College bound furs, and in-college furs

    Started my first quarter of college this spring at my local community college. :) I still have no idea what my major will be, keep thinking of radiology or graphic design. Two totally different majors, I know! Hopefully this next quarter will help me get a clearer idea what path I want to take.
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    Your Cars.

    @Keowolf - I tried to see if that plate was taken in my state but alas someone already has it! LOLZ is available though. Hmm... @Merp - that's what I might be using soon if gas prices jack up any higher. :p Those, a bike, and a bus pass. Had a talk with my mechanic about a hydrogen...
  14. Sieneko

    Finding a better job... hitting a brick wall.

    What Silver said, plus I recently found out about Dice.com which is dedicated to tech jobs. Best of luck to you!
  15. Sieneko

    What was your 1st computer and your current computer?

    My first computer ever? Dang... I was pretty young so I don't remember what exactly it was. I do remember it had to load its games in a command prompt, and had a big huge floppy drive to it. I remember playing Zac Mckracken and Manic Mansion on it, too. My current desktop system looks like...