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    Detailed Digital Work Sale

    the buuump boat
  2. Silence

    Detailed Digital Work Sale

    finished headshot for Oneiroi
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    Detailed Digital Work Sale

    bump! still ope
  4. Silence

    Looking to get multiple pieces of canine art, under $75 each

    id be open for a few of these, you can see my artwork here :
  5. Silence

    Detailed Digital Work Sale

    Hello! Im opening for a few slots of artwork here! My rules are pretty simple but if need clarification ask! YES monster,alien,feral, robots, wildlife,fantasy,science fiction,pet portraits, sfw, nsfw,most kinks, gore NO rape, crushing,mecha(im not good at it),scat,minors in sexual situations...
  6. Silence

    On the prowl for a Mate~

    You are -so- very very young, just give it time. Go do fun things, make friends. If things happen it happens.
  7. Silence

    High Quality Digital Artwork: Kink Discounts

    Hello! Im looking to have more variety in the kink related artwork that I draw, so for the month of Love, I am hosting a discount for these kinks! NO GO NO MATTER WHAT: Rape/Non CON(dub is a 'maybe', ask), crushing, minors in sexual situations, anthro or humans with ferals in sexual situations...
  8. Silence

    Seeking Artists who can draw Muscle

    Hello! Are you still looking perhaps? Im afraid I tend to draw primarily muscle or muscle gut characters! *rubs back of neck* You can view my full gallery here, as I cant post most of the images, they are nsfw: Userpage of silenceartwork -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Cartoon pet tribute

    Hello! Im sorry to hear the loss of your kitty! You can see my artwork examples here: Damien McAuley's profile — Weasyl
  10. Silence

    Per Hour Commissions

    Hello! My name is Silence and im opening for 10hrs of artwork! To see my Terms of service and will and wont do list please go here: docs.google.com: Basic ToS/WILL WONT I charge 20$ per hour! Please bare in mind that while i can manage to draw 2 characters in a 5hr time peice, a single...
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    A new Reference Sheet for Tolendare [shiny/glowing 2 tailed feline humanoid female]

    Re: A new Reference Sheet for Tolendare [shiny/glowing 2 tailed feline humanoid femal I apologize, I did not realize I still had a forum account under my OLD FA. The new one is here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/silenceartwork/
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    A new Reference Sheet for Tolendare [shiny/glowing 2 tailed feline humanoid female]

    Re: A new Reference Sheet for Tolendare [shiny/glowing 2 tailed feline humanoid femal Might as well throw my card in. I do not have recent references as I havent been asked to do any. You can see my entire gallery here(the weasyl is updated more often than my FA) ...
  13. Silence

    Burton'ed Icons/Headshots

    Looking to do some cheap headshots or icons in a tim burton style. The two examples: Icon: 8$ 500x500 Your choice of greyscale or flat colors, one character Couple Icons: 15$ Headshots 15$ Headshots will be in far greater detail, larger size and color and shading. Form: Please post this...