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    hmmm.... Plant vs. Furries??

    Wouldn't anthroplants be considered 'otherkin' more than anything else? Like... tree-spirits and flower-fairies and stuff.
  2. Silkstone

    Hi, I'm doing a sociological presentation

    Downright wierd, but a place that one can share their artwork and ideas on the subject of anthropomorphic animals where someone won't give you askance looks and may possibly be as excited as you on the subject. It's easier to be a 'secret' member, but still have social interaction of some sort...
  3. Silkstone

    Am I weird?

    XDXDXDXD I don't see any 'wierd' connections netween satanism and furry either. Though I don't really know that much about satanism except in general it's got a bad rep x) So.. you can be wierd for being a furry, and wierd for beign a satanist, but not wierd for being both at the same...
  4. Silkstone

    Thoughts on Baby Furs

    I'm just going to leave out any thoughts on the yiff version of it and leave it at disgusting >.< Sorry guys. But.. for cereal? I'll apologize in advance and say I'd really not feel comfortable hanging with anyone who's into that. Now.. as for simply having a babyfur character... that's...
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    Your self-image of being a furry

    I was about to say the two heads should be furry same as the fox =) I think it sounds like a great idea, and I love to see what you end up making of it!
  6. Silkstone

    Starting a fantasy RP - anyone interested?

    I'd be interested if it isn't yiff oreinted. And all your settings sound goood =) And as long as you didn't mind a complete D+D noob who's never played with a dice before but has roleplayed X)
  7. Silkstone

    4 Slots

    *pounces on a spot*
  8. Silkstone

    Three trade spots open! Dragons, canines, and cats! :D

    *glomps on a spot* Mailed =)
  9. Silkstone

    Your view on hugs?

    I'm kind of awkward with hugs. I'll give you one if you look like your expecting one, or return one, but I won't randomly innitiate them. Because not everyone likes to be hugged XD
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    how do you make avatars?

    Well, I'd suggest actually starting off with an ara of 100x100 or 150x150 to draw on, instead of just re-sizing. That way, you know any details you add will not be lost. One thing that's neat to do is have the face straight on, as if it's staring at the computer viewer. It's also important to...
  11. Silkstone

    Any Canadian Furs?

    For people wondering about 'the list', check out the stickies on the general forum >.< ALBERTA FURRY FORUM? *does double take*
  12. Silkstone

    Any Canadian Furs?

    You guys go have your Canadian buttsex, But as for me, I'ma gunna sit here and wathc the farm field grow >:|
  13. Silkstone

    need help with rating

    If you want, in the icon you can upload with your story, you can put a quick warning if you want to keep the kiddies away :)
  14. Silkstone

    how do you make avatars?

    They're normally 100 pxels x 100 pixels if that helps :P Biggest for these forums is 150x150.
  15. Silkstone

    furrys need a hand sign

    Copy & Paste = FAIL.