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I was born 30th July 1999 and I'm from Poland. I'm big fan of The Lion King franchise - animated movies, video games and comic books. The other franchises I'm interested in are: Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Jazz Jackrabbit, The Fox and The Hound, Balto, Half-Life, Mass Effect, Cyberpunk and I'm a beginner Warrior Cats fan too. I'm interested in physics and computer science. I've also been a real animal lover since I was a young kid. I have the Asperger's syndrome and I am pretty sensitive. I love animals' rear paws - this is my fetish.

My favourite animal species are lion and fox. However, I'm pretty disappointed by the fact hyenas are so mistreated creatures in real life. Many people blame The Lion King for it. I think it's not the fault of The Lion King creators, because hyenas had been hated by humans for ages. My dream is to become a game programmer and work on developing educational games about animals and one of them will be about hyenas as really friendly and sympathetic creatures.

If you're also The Lion King fan and want to do something to help real animals (including hyenas), fell free to talk with me! ;)
If you want to do this in private, here is my Discord account: Simba Fan 1999#0526

Have a nice day!
Jul 30, 1999 (Age: 23)
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Simba Fan 1999
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Simba Fan 1999#0526



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