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    What is this sexuality counted as?

    Hi all, I have a problem that is concearning me for quite a while. After I joined our fandom it turned out that there are more types of sexuality than I thought. I knew about hetero, homo, bi and as. I was thinking that I migh be bi, but now there are more options to classify myself even better...
  2. Skakuna

    What are your favorite Movies?

    I personally like Van Helsing and Deadpool a lot :) I know that the first one is silly and has tons of mistakes, but they had the best werewolves I have ever seen in any movie xD And Deadpool is Deadpool, it's just fun to watch :) Also, I think I should make an honorable mention of Disney's...
  3. Skakuna

    Help with character needed.

    I don't need realistic solution. It can be made by magic, science, whatever... I want the resoult. For now she's just crying and locking herself away in a closet and even slight touch cause a mental breakdown. Putting her in situation where she has to be brave, love others and be happy wouldn't...
  4. Skakuna

    Help with character needed.

    I want my character to act normally. Not being scared, not hating everyone, just a normal girl that knows about all bad things that has happened to her, but not feeling anything negative about it. She would be like 'I know that person hurt me, but it's ok, I don't hold grudge'.
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    Help with character needed.

    I hope I'm posting it in the right section... So, here's a thing. I'm writing rp with my friend for a couple of years already. We had 2 rps, and one of them I kinda ended and restarted so it's practically new rp. And in that new one, one of my main characters got... well. Long story short, she...
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    I coordinate projects funded by European Funds so people can have free trainings and expand their competences.
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    The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

    Starts screaming at them for not being gentle
  8. Skakuna

    The furry above you has to go to the vet! Why? (More fun & games)

    Pillow fight got too intense
  9. Skakuna

    The furry above you has to go to the vet! Why? (More fun & games)

    One of the ressurections went wrong
  10. Skakuna

    The furry above you has to go to the vet! Why? (More fun & games)

    Fell off a chair while laughing at the furry who walked into the wall
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    Tips plz?

    So, today I started making my very first fursuit. Here you can see the resoults of the first day of making: So, except of symethry that needs fixing... Any thoughts so far? Any tips or something? Also, what does it look like to you? I mean, I was aiming at a dog, but I'm not sure if you can see...
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    What can I and can not add to my fursuit?

    If you're still looking for tips, I can recommend you this vid: Pocari has good advices on designing the fursuit, and the comments also drop a few hints as well ;)
  13. Skakuna

    Balaclava on balaclava?

    Sooo... nobody has ever tried that?
  14. Skakuna

    What can I and can not add to my fursuit?

    Go with anything you want to ;) You can add all of those and even more, like extra pairs of eyes, or multiple tails, the only limit is your imagination really. BUT. When making/comissioning a fursuit, remember that the wings are better to be small (aka chibi), because full-sized ones are very...