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    Hiring: Magical Dumpster Dragon

    Oh god, I was not expecting this many responses, and thanks for all of them! I'll have to think about this. All of you are awesome.
  2. SkyboundTerror

    Hiring: Magical Dumpster Dragon

    I've been itching to commission more art of my 'sona, and I suck at finding artists, so this is the next best thing! He's an exaggerated reflection of what I consider my worst traits - lonely, reckless, vain, as well as incredibly impish and lazy. He does have a big imagination and will do...
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    Trying to track down a horror film I only remember from its dvd cover when I was a child.

    The only movie I was able to find that fit the description was Decoys (2004).
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    Horror Movies!

    I recently subscribed to Shudder and it has a decent selection, but most seem to be campy horror flicks. There is a neat series called Cursed Films that covers the tragedies surrounding The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Crow, and The Twilight Zone movie. Check it out if you guys can. Some...
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    This place isn't safe from me.

    This place isn't safe from me.
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    Are you a dog or cat person?

    I used to be a cat person, then I got a dog and then I became a dog person. But then we got a cat along with the dog and now I can't decide, I love them both.
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    Sketchbook: Dragons, dragons, and more dragons

    A pose! Been out of the groove lately so I think I'll take some requests to get back into drawing. Dragons and reptiles are preferred but not absolute!
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    Are you worried you might, with time, grow out of your fursona/character?

    No. He's a reflection of me and I already invested too much money and damned time into him so he better stay relevant.
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    Horror Movies!

    Hereditary is an absolute must if you're a fan of horror. It warrants multiple re-watches and it can be talked about for weeks. My favorite horror movie has to be The Orphanage. It's a Spanish horror/drama film about... an orphanage. It does lean more into the drama but god, it's one of the...
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    What DVD cover artwork made you feel scared as a child?.

    I always liked sneaking into the horror aisle of a Hollywood Video whenever I wandered off from my parents, and The Ice Cream Man is one that always stuck with me. The blood and the eyeballs... it's just so gruesome.
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    What dream/nightmare sticks in your head?

    I have recurring dreams of attending school again, either college or high school, and dreams of a flooded world where the water is up to the chest and murky. Sometimes it's a combination of the two. My issue with my dreams is how convincing they are. There's never anything too out of the...
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    Ever broken a disc on purpose?

    My high school friends and I once grabbed a box of old CDs out of one of our garages and we shattered them all in a mindless game of colorful baseball. I'd do it again, too.
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    Do you make art just for your own enjoyment that no one else sees?

    A vast majority of the art I make I never share with anyone. Not because it's lewd or bad or anything, I just started drawing art in general with the mindset that I was doing it for myself and myself alone.
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    Got this recently, by Khyaber. AAAAAA
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    I pet the cat and he purred. I feel blessed.