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    Stuff your fursona wouldn't say

    I hate how it's always about the long legs with maned wolves.
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    Open Chat

    So the usual?
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    All about my unusual Interest

    I love tongues, and mouths in general. I've been fascinated with them for as long as I can remember, too. I enjoy the tongues from most animals and appreciate the differences between them; canines' floppy, crinkly tongues, felines' slender barbed tongues, hyenas' wider barbed tongues...
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    Appreciation for spotted hyenas, the most misunderstood carnivore

    Hyenas are one of my favourite animals (after maned wolves, of course)! They can be quite beautiful and have some very impressive jaws. While spotties are nice, I also really love the also-misunderstood aardwolf, which despite its name, is in fact a member of the hyena family. They're super...
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    Word association

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    Open Chat

    I haven't poked into the forums in a while. How goes?
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    Fun Facts About Your Species

    Maned wolf urine has an exceptionally strong smell, earning them the nickname "skunk wolf." It is said to smell like cannabis. This smell once had the police show up at a zoo, thinking there were pot smokers.
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    Favorite Things About Your Fursona

    The legs.
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    Stuck rp

    Depends on getting stuck in what?
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    Boxers or Briefs?

    Briefs all the way, both on me and others! They're nice and snug and make better bulges.
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    Let your phone do the talking!

    What about the one that says the same thing as I can get it to you and your family is staffed and I don't know what to do with the kids and I don't know what to do with you and your family and I will be there in a few minutes to get you a ride to the house and get a new one and I can get it to...
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    Loaf Appreciation Thread!

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    Should skunks be bathed once or 100 times a day?

    You can shampoo them all you want, you'll never get the stink out. ... I have the strangest feeling of déjà vu.
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    Loaf Appreciation Thread!

    Need more hyena loaf.
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    Welp...I’m new to everything

    Another maned wolf! I'm not alone! Welcome! Also, lovely art you have, I'm going to have to give you a watch.