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Recent content by SlyRiolu

  1. SlyRiolu

    Introduction 101

    Why are you keep on posting introductions? Is it because you're trying to find someone to talk to? You could try open chat.
  2. SlyRiolu

    What sort of Sona am I?

    Giraffes! I barely see those.
  3. SlyRiolu

    Predict the next poster

    Nope just fur. I predict another fur!
  4. SlyRiolu

    Predict the next poster

    It depends on the game but I play a tank in my most played game. I mained the best warframe BEFORE it was primed. Next person will be a certain hyena that will say otherwise. Or another person who played warframe.
  5. SlyRiolu

    The furry above you has to go to the vet! Why? (More fun & games)

    Wrong sunglasses when staring at the solar eclipse.
  6. SlyRiolu

    Prepare to Cry

    I know some people watched those lore videos so I wanted to make a game about it. The rules are simple make a backstory for the people who post in this topic. You can have it as short or as goofy as you want.
  7. SlyRiolu

    Fursona crushes!

    This one avali that use to be on the forums I liked their fursona.
  8. SlyRiolu

    Some Moron is a furry.

    Wow and I thought people were smart here on the forums it's not Yes. It's Yes is it that hard to choose the right answer!
  9. SlyRiolu

    Hello (Stupid and dumb introduction)

    Don't know anyone on the forums who uses sound cloud so that's new.
  10. SlyRiolu

    Is alex jones the next hank hill?

    I don't know man...
  11. SlyRiolu

    Arby's Vore rp

    The real question is, you really find this not ok? This is perfectly fine behavior.
  12. SlyRiolu

    Arby's Vore rp

    Are you serious about this? Sadly I don't have facebook but if I could join I would've definitely done steve from minecraft.
  13. SlyRiolu

    Creating first Fursona. Need drawn design from a description

    I can probably get a wolf base and draw the tails. The reference doesn't have to be good just readable. Pm me if you want me to try.
  14. SlyRiolu

    Creating first Fursona. Need drawn design from a description

    Tell me I have a lot of time on my hands.