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  1. Slytherin Umbreon

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    Inflate Diezel every day
  2. Slytherin Umbreon

    Deer Appreciation Thread

    Such majestic creatures
  3. Slytherin Umbreon

    Digimon VS Pokémon

    In my completely unbiased opinion, Umbreon is completely amazing, 1v1 me irl. Fallow has a point, though.
  4. Slytherin Umbreon

    Furry Haters

    I've seen a lot of people commenting they drew the furries too well/had too much fun drawing them.
  5. Slytherin Umbreon

    just a final vent about family and f----in sick of conspiracy theories

    Gonna try and stick my foot in here before it presumably gets locked and say FAF ought to shift it's politics rule over to what it is on FA.
  6. Slytherin Umbreon

    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    Um, no. How about blaming the people causing the actual problem instead of trying to make this weird spin.
  7. Slytherin Umbreon

    Cute thread