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    [NSFW] Looking for new RP partners! [EDITED]

    I can verify that Dutch is a fantastic role-player ^^
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    Hey, I never got around to saying it, but I really enjoy your roleplaying style as well! It took...

    Hey, I never got around to saying it, but I really enjoy your roleplaying style as well! It took me a few tries to get used to, but I find it to be very creatively freeing, and I'm having a lot of fun dealing with mambi XD
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    Your fursona goes to a cafe...

    Mmm... fresh carrots, caromolized in butter... They're like candy, but for dinner ^^
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    Fursona Diet

    Well, you should probably talk to that maim.kill.maim person over there - Wait, hold on, no! Don't feed children to crazy people!
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    Technically, this is an alt version of Plum, but it was ready first! @SFDwNF on FA
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    Fursona Diet

    Now that is how you escalate! My sona is a fantasy creature like a dragon, but her diet is pretty similar to yours. Technically children could be part of her diet... but she has certain "Laws" to follow and "moral objections" towards cannibalizing kiddies. But, I mean, hey, don't let me get in...
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    Why did you choose your fursona?

    I spent a long time trying to decide if I even *was* a furry, and a of of animals, even though I love them all, didn't feel right to represent me. I changed my mind after becoming obsessed with Kobolds from D&D (not the dog-snouted ones from 5e, which are cute enough, but I like my lizard...
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    Your fursona goes to a cafe...

    Cafe Mocha, heavy creme, hold the Cafe. Yes, I know that's just a hot chocolate. And for a snack, an old-fashioned glazed donut, sprinkled with chocolate-covered ants. ... what? I'm a reptile.
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    LF LGBT+ Friendly Long-term RP Partner

    Hi there! I understand your frustrations, while I consider myself to be more gender-fluid then non-binary, I often find myself having to explain the difference. (As in, I consider myself to be both male and female, rather then neither). I am technically LGBTQ+ myself, but I'm not really up to...
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    What are you looking for when acquaring/creating new characters?

    Well, as per my name, I like small characters, with a preference towards scalies, like Kobolds and Salamanders. I'm also a fan of Goblins and similar fantasy races, as long as I can keep 'em cute! As for color and design, I like simple designs for myself. My main gal Plum is a white-scaled...
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    Hey, I have a pretty useful free line-art tool here for people like me who can't draw. This is a base package for Sai, and while it's not exactly comprehensive, it's a decent starting place for you to start choosing things like colors, markings, spikes, tails, ears or horns, that kind of thing...
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    Worst Rp Experience you had?

    All righty, this is gonna be a long one, but I promise it's good. This didn't happen to me exactly, but I was directly involved, and it almost scared me away from online role playing entirely. It was an interesting time in my life. I was barely an adult, and confused about Gender, and was just...
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    18+ Discord Roleplay Server

    I'm interested, but your invite is no longer valid D: