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Smart Dragon
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  • Lol it was supposed to be a phantasmal/ghost hand. Just a thing that I saw in some dreams.
    Hello there...*takes your claw very carefully and shakes it*... Thanks for the welcoming message. I noticed you're from New Hope, AL...I am in the Oxford area. If you wish to chat sometime, please contact me. Oh, as far as my 'fursona' - I love German Shepherds and Huskys. I was a police K-9 handler in the Air Force, so I really love the Shepherds. And I have found myself "shepherding" a number of people in my life, so it kinda works out. God Bless You, and hope you have a great day.
    Hello there! You're from New Hope? I too, am from AL. Oxford area. How about that? God Bless You...if you wish to talk sometime, let me know.
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