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    Search engines most certainly have their own algorithms, but it's common for them to have functions like AND NOT and OR, unless they're extremely simple. And the more terms they're going to be searching, the more important it becomes to have those functions, in order to narrow your searches.

    I understand I exaggerated a bit when I said 'every search engine' but the primary message I was getting across still makes sense. Actually, give me an example of a search engine that doesn't have these functions in some way.
    Because it was clearly entirely wrong. You stated that every search engine uses the same forms. Every search engine is different and is dependant on many algorithms and rules.

    By stating it as fact, it showed you know little to nothing beyond what a search engine is.
    You didn't correct me, you insulted me because you disagreed with what I said. And you deserved points.
    Don't try to weasel your way out of responsibility. If you kept your mouth shut, neither of us would have gotten posts deleted, and neither of us would have gotten points.
    I wouldn't test Kalmor either. Try not including insults in your posts and maybe they won't get deleted.
    I'm intolerant of you, because you almost always throw shit in my direction.

    It's common sense to be able to use a minus sign, maybe it's not the exact operand used by every search engine, but it's usually either that or the NOT operand.

    Look, I'm 25 and I've been around the Internet, used plenty of search engines, I'm not just spouting shit. You, on the other hand, since you disagree with what I say, I must "know nothing"

    And I don't 'blindly excuse' everything this site does. I do often counter your ignorant opinions, but that doesn't mean I think the site's perfect.
    Well I think mentova blitzed all the secede threads because he though they were repetitive.

    I doubt he knows that scotland really is considering independence and thought it was a parody.
    That comic-book CEO seems to need a translator for Sarcasm - English.
    And I am a blood elf. We are on the same faction, yo.
    I started as a racist asshole troll, so I am not bothered. :V
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