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    Looking to get back into drawing again!

    Those are some interesting designs, I'll give one of them a go tomorrow. It's late here right now though, so it'll have to wait until then!
  2. sniper-tf

    Looking to get back into drawing again!

    Hey there all. Been a while since I visited... could never quite feel "at home" here somehow, but that's not down to you guys, more about how my life in general was at the time. You know how it is... Anyway, I'm going to attempt to become a much more active member of this community from here on...
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    Sex and furries; How did this happen?

    Basically, I think the reason sex seems too overt in the furry community is simply because it's the only place they can indulge their particular fetish, so it's more condensed. For instance, if furry was the norm (God forbid) and "straight" sex was marginalised, people would say "Wow, that...
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    Any requests... ?

    I'll make a start on this tomorrow, probably... I've started work on pretty much all requests in this thread, and will let each person know then theirs is completed. In the mean time, feel free to make a few more, though I can't guarantee if/when I'll do them as I have a few to get my teeth into...
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    Any requests... ?

    Thanks for the tip, link is posted. I'll check out your character tomorrow as I'm currently falling asleep at my computer screen... zzz...
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    Any requests... ?

    I might give one or both a try. It'll be tomorrow now though, as it's 1:45am here and the only reason I'm not in bed is because I can't be bothered to get up. Been drawing for the last four hours, lost track of time! Anyone else reading this, feel free to post requests throughout the day, and...
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    Any requests... ?

    I said I have a Fur Affinity gallery under the same name... though to be honest, it's not very representative of what I can do nowadays. I started drawing again about a month ago, and I seem to "get it" a lot more now. So basically, look at my FA account and imagine it about twice as good I'd...
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    Any requests... ?

    Hey, wow, it's been a while since I've been here... it's also been a while since I've done any real drawing whatsoever. Last time I was though, I opened a thread where people could post requests so I could get some practice in, and give out some free art at the same time! If you have any...
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    Modelling? As in, producing, not posing...

    I may well come across as a total idiot here, but does anyone do any modelling around here? Like, using modelling clay, etc? I've never seen it. Also, I just kinda wanted to make a thread to ease myself back into it, seeing as I haven't been on here in a long while! Long story... *ahem*
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    To be honest, a lot of people I know don't know anything I'm into. I'm fairly "normal", if I'm allowed to use that phrase without getting punched in the face, and give no indication of any outside interests while out socialising, etc. To be honest, even if I really get to know someone, very...
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    Mental health

    Not all mental health issues are curable. The days of electro shock and lobotomies are long gone. A lot of these things can only be controlled with drugs, which is something of an ethical and moral dilemma. Dangerous paranoid schizophrenics who have a history of violence are often released back...
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    Recent RL event I want to share.

    I wouldn't be able to sleep until I knew what happened to it, either. Well, I would be able to eventually, obviously. It might take a couple of years, but eventually I'd become less of a jibbering wreck. Seriously though, I'd have gone looking too. Especially when you consider that if that dog...
  13. sniper-tf

    Mental health

    I try not to judge other people's state of mind too harshly if I know nothing about them, or their past. I tend to get to know someone, and if they tell me they have depression or w/e, try to help them and understand, but if they just don't want to know and would rather wallow in it, frankly...
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    I'm generally pretty philosophical. I know nothing about it academically, but it suits my nature of procrastinating at every opportunity.
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    So who likes people?

    I haven't got time for most people, it has to be said. I don't hate them as such, I just can't be bothered talking to most of them as they don't get where I'm coming from at all. But it's cool, the few people I do meet who know what the hell I'm going on about are my friends, so I'm happy enough...