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  • "Straight chicks that pretend to be men online to pray on gay men" This made my day. You sir are hilarious. :grin::D
    Oh really?
    Best of wishes to you guys.

    I didn't notice her before, but it is easier after you said that.

    So one of you is a metalhead, and one a jpop fan? xD
    I'm glad, if there's anything I can do for you just give me a shout, okay?
    Like your new badge, looks good! :D
    You doing okay?
    Saw the things that we hate post and I don't agree.

    I bet you play guitar better than I could ever hope to.
    Not too bad then.
    Once again congrats on the effort, and money raised! Its thoughtful and generous stuff like this that helps the image of the fandom, and makes people doubt some of the stereotypes. For that alone thank you!

    Sniperfreak223, bringing better understanding, one Walmart at a time! :)
    Hullo Sniperfreak,

    I 'm curious to learn how the Fursuiting at Walmart went today (Or yesterday? Different timezone :rolleyes:). I hope it had the desired effect for your charity :)

    Re: What Do You Hope...

    You think Happiness is almost within your grasp? Good for you! Best wishes!
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