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    Hey, you never responded, and I think I just found out what that terrible news is, given the date.

    No, spending it at work answering calls from idiots and telemarketers is more depressing.
    Even more people are gone. Way too many newfags. And I've been okay. My health has gone down hill though. Learned art. Dealing with AP bull shit in school, all the normal shit no one wants to deal with. Anything new with you? And yeah, I can play a saxophone now.
    Just saw the new quote. I totally missed that thread. Wow.
    Yeah, someone posted some of that guys 'music' in IRC, so I mentioned the quote. I don't recommend listening to it, FYI.
    And now I have a second one to go with it.

    Oh dear.
    I just thought I'd mention your sig quote by that justinRPG guy is the most epic thing I've seen on FAF all week. Keep up the good work.
    I think I still prefer the "because my penis thinks its a leopards" one though. Classic.
    I just noticed you're using the same quote as your sig xD

    I saw it last night and couldn't resist. It's wonderful.
    Thanks, it was indeed~
    That's rather weird, my birth date is correctly listed in the admin CP... I'm actually 20 now. =c
    yeah actually. I don't have greasemonkey, but I can get it, and this seems like a good idea. it's kind of a pain to go through the control panel if I just wanna turn it on for a moment to see a picture, or turn it off while I actually browse the main page.
    Oh. Here's the shitty thing about exams here. Sit them in May, get results in August. I'l let you know when I find out, lol. But I felt good about the exam. Pretty much nobody I talked to about it got the problem solving question at the end, I felt pro.
    But yeah idk last time we talked I think I just made you the avatar and you stopped being HIV kitty (that's what it was right?)
    And yeah lol I guess random insults flying around is my kind of style. I try not to be malicious though. Do I come across as mean? Flattered you thought of me though actually <: Let's take it slow let's get married.
    Oh right. Well for future reference I would never say "wut" like she did one time. Why would anybody say wut or u mad or any of those silly things.
    Idk anywayyy how are you <:
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