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    Yep. Though I certainly didn't read all 80-odd pages, just up until he rage-quit.
    Not really. Didn't really work anyway. It just feels fresher. I don't regret anything I've done on this account yet. I prefer not having much of a history, idk.
    I was never really much of a part of the rest of the forum when Moods stopped anyway, so after that I never really had anywhere else to go.
    Or at least I never really felt much at home with the rest of the forum. Not sure why recently I've gotten back into the forum. I am pretty sure I always put my mood as content though. I'm still just some guy who sits around on forums too. Except now not as miserable since I have no idea why.

    And for some reason I feel much better about posting with a new account than with the old one. It's like Moods was a narrow corridor I'd stretched my whole body through, and then when I came out the other end, that corridor closed in on me, and I can't move much because I'm attached to that sealed off corridor, trapped between the walls, flailing my arms around outside trying to grasp onto something else, but I can't.
    But with a new account I feel like I'm growing outside with more space to move.

    In short I have no idea at all.

    wow essay
    I think like 5 people were there and I can't even remember who. Fay I think. Hence low profile. It lasted maybe half an hour at 6am by Scottish time. But whatever anyways! How've you been these days, I don't think I've really every talked to you since Moods. Which is like last year something or what. Oh goodness the drama.
    I am painfully obvious. It's Teto, I told everyone that in some low profile troll thread I made in the den last week or something. How yoooou snowfox <:
    I'll change it back later on, I just felt like fucking with peoples eyes.

    Or fucking peoples eyes.
    Your Ace quote makes me laugh every time.
    Oh lord... I was about to say how strange it feels to be the one going where no one has gone before but

    so, okay, I think I remember that, now that you mention it xD
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