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    Haven’t been here in a hot minute

    Haven’t been here in a hot minute
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    My sona, Tonik

    Chonky boi looks very nice
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    Formatting masterlist?

    That's the one! Thank you!
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    Formatting masterlist?

    Hey all. So Awhile ago I asked a few things about how to manage one's profile on FA, and someone sent a link to a masterlist where it showed all the ways you could alter the text. Does anyone know where I can find that?
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    How do I submit to the Fursuit/Crafts section?

    When I am brought up the options of what to post, all that comes up is art, writing and music.
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    Human boi looking for RP (Always active)

    Hey! Still looking for an RP partner?
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    Is there a master list of groups on FA?

    As most of you know, there is a neat little way to post what kinds of things you are interested in/a part of in FA, by putting a group in the form of a user account on your page. Now while I’ve seen many of these, I’ve only ever come across them by seeing them on other’s pages. Is there a list...
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    I student for a living :p
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    Fursona’s talents/Hobbies?

    Talents; Heightened senses (as she's a wolf) High energy Fairly intelligent Very creative Skilled with magic (in fantasy settings) Good at conversations Knows a fair bit about astrology Very nimble Hobbies; Dancing Writing Gaming Doing random shit on Youtube
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    Anyone remember this?

    So I know that many, if not most of you guys are “90’s kids”, but for my fellow 2000s kids, do you remember a certain Petz game that Wendy’s gave out as toys around 2009-2010 (can’t quite remember)? If you recognize this song you’ll know what I’m talking about. (Sorry for the low quality, it’s...
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    Can you delete profile comments?

    Thank you, but I mean post you made on other profiles
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    Can you delete profile comments?

    So can you delete comments you post on other’s profiles? (I think they’re called “shouts”?)
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    About Icon Links

    Thank you!!
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    About Icon Links

    How do you post an icon with the text link next to it? The way I use it is where just the icon appears (:NameIcon:) But a lot of other pages have it where the name is next to the icon. Thanks!