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    Why Did You Pick Your Gender??

    I'm better at drawing female, and I like it better too :').
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    Erotic/Emotional Comic

    Thanks this is very helpful !! I will watch these video when I'll have some free time, for now, I'll save your post on my desktop ! I already have the whole story in mind, the main «adventures» the punch in the end and the development of the character. I'm not new in creating stories, but it...
  3. Solapi

    Erotic/Emotional Comic

    Thanks for your useful and necessary comment.
  4. Solapi

    Have you ever confronted this peculiar problem or am I the only one?

    It takes time to feel connected to a character sometimes. If you're too impatient, and don't cultivate your bound with your character it will always feel off. The more you'll draw him, imagine him in different situations, stories, relationship, the stronger your bound will become. I do have...
  5. Solapi

    Is this a thing?

    It would be cool, but it requests a shitload of work on the animation :').
  6. Solapi

    Erotic/Emotional Comic

    Okay so there's an exemple of the style and level of quality. There will be a bubble of text in the left of the last panel, so I didn't put much details in that zone. My style is usually more like my profile picture ( www.furaffinity.net/user/solapi ) but I need to find the right balance...
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    NSFW Art?

    It mostly comes from my imagination ! To me, the most important thing is to be good with anatomy. Because for a SFW piece, if the anatomy is a little off we can deal with it. But on a NSFW piece it's even more awkward like «oh, this piece is trying to be suggestive and sexy but look at this body...
  8. Solapi

    Erotic/Emotional Comic

    Yes I was talking about the comic. You know, when you start you're very motivated by the «super exciting new idea» then the motivation tends to fade away as it comes harder :). Thank you for your advice ^^.
  9. Solapi

    Show me your art improvement!

    Aw that's an interesting subject ^-^ The first one was yesterday, and the last one was 2 years ago ^-^.
  10. Solapi

    Erotic/Emotional Comic

    Hello guys ! I'd like your opinion the concept of a comic I have in mind. I also need advices because I want it to be a success. Do you prefer when the artist finish the comic before posting it or are you okay with the 1 page by week ? Also, would you find interesting the concept of a mix with...
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    I decided to be a little more active there now, I kind of like this platform ^-^.

    I decided to be a little more active there now, I kind of like this platform ^-^.
  12. Solapi

    Most strangest fetishes in furry community?

    Hm. I don't know what name it is but the guy used to draw a man who used his anus as a garbage for waisted condom. That was fucked up. And the hard vore (like you see the char melting in the stomac).
  13. Solapi

    furry sex dolls

    Socializing with people IRL is very important. Internet is a very cool place, but it's also a kind of trad ; on internet you tend to forget what's acceptable and what is not, is reality. Plus, you find satisfaction in superficial relationship. Deep relationship can only be found IRL, no matter...
  14. Solapi

    furry sex dolls

    I think there's a world between drawing sex scene and wanting to have sex with a lifeless furry doll.
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    furry sex dolls

    Yes exactly !!! It's okay to release frustration, but it truly doesn't help the person to resolve this problem (= lack of socialization). Even if you're an introvert, or feel awkward in society, it's important to socialize with, at least, ONE significant person.