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    It's fun how quoting your slashes straightens them. Also: Seriously...what?
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    closing a thread?

    Or you RP in threads. Man, that got us a lot of threads closed back in the day, like Grim's intro thread. ...hey, wanna play hide the sausage?
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    You know, it's actually a good thing when thread titles are all caps, it indicates "not woth reading". Also: Arizona, especially Phoenix is full of terrible and possibly dangerous people, like David M.Awesome, don't go there.
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    Nein. >:C
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    What's Your Sexual Preference (Part 2)

    I am just a huge fag, I guess.
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    Come one, come all...

    Recently, I really enjoy: Modest Mouse Neutral Milk Hotel (or Jeff Mangum's solo stuff) The Rural Alberta Advantage Blur Radiohead (I have to say, that Takun recommended most of this to me and then I fell in love with those bands.)
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    Your Favorite Killer?

    I'd say Hannibal Lecter or John Doe (Seven). And I liked Elle Driver a lot, if that counts. (Kill Bill)
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    Just stop as long as you can and keep at least SOME of your dignity. (Probably to late for that anyway, though.)
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    Just a suggestion

    If you mean brick-slaps, then I agree.
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    A furry creature concept

    No drunk posting, go to bed. >:C
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    Watcha~ vol. 2

    Now that brings back memories. And didn't I show you the picture you use in your signature now? |3 (like aaaaages ago)
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    WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Dragon Storm

    ._. Please, someone tell me this is a troll...I...no...just...words fail me.
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    So you can make this thread and complain about it, FAF always needs more pointless drama.
  15. Sonata

    Dating a disabled person, any tips?

    No legs means she can't run away...you should make use of this fact. :T And ginger is an anagram for nigger, so better watch out. D: