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• My name is Jessica Snow, I am female, of legal age, and I do not smoke or drink. I am bisexual and I have a loving boyfriend, Bradley whom I've been with since April 7th, 2013. I'm poly-amorous. My boyfriend fully supports me in this and is allowing me to have a girlfriend - of which I am not actively seeking.

• I am a loving person and I am very neutral in the sense that I like to see an entire picture before judging it or hear both sides to a story before offering a solution that I'm 100% sure will work. Though I am loving, I can also be a bit unmerciful. My childhood and history of being used and abused has molded me into the strong-willed witch I am today.

• I deserve to be treated with respect. Upon meeting, I will respect you as a living being, as you will do for me. You must earn my respect back if you've lost it. Right off the bat, you must earn my trust and promises. If it is lost, then either try to gain it back and keep it, or suffer the consequences of hurting me. This is non-negotiable.

• The kind of person I am to you depends on how kind you are to me. I am not rude, I am honest - even if it happens to cause some pain, you must choose whether or not my honesty hurts you.

• I am a Natural Witch following the path of some Wiccan practices, Native American spirituality, and Natural Witchcraft. In short - I'm connected deeply to animals and nature. I am pro-cursing, pro-choice, pro-love. And, it's a given... I am pro-furry and I'm not ashamed to say that!

• I own a small business called Custom Prose. I write NSFW fanfiction and I am successful in my work. No, I will not write you something for free. Ever. Don't ask. And no, you cannot read a freshly ordered commission. I have samples available - ask for those.
Dec 9, 1991 (Age: 31)
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Arctic Wolfess
Owner of and Writer At Custom Prose




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Starting at $20 USD per story. PayPal only.
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