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    So who likes people?

    Oh..they were names I recognized too. Go figure this would be a old post!
  2. Spawtsie Paws

    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    ...usually my EMS uniform. A white t-shirt/long sleeve shirt (patients are GROSS), a thick polyester work shirt, a thick polyester pants, and boots that are too heavy! I daydream of the day I can move much further north and not have to worry about the heat index being 115 *F!
  3. Spawtsie Paws

    So who likes people?

    I want to like people, however I do not in a traditional sense. Interacting with people is very taxing for me and I would rather not meet new people. The friends I do make are usually life long friends who I feel I have an emotional bond to. When it comes to educating or helping them on possibly...
  4. Spawtsie Paws

    Restaurants - What would you want?

    Really give your sauce/cheese character. Too many places taste bland in my experience. And don't be afraid to have two or three sauces! Would be neat to have a tangy, sweet, or spicy sauce! The crust gets too much focus at times >:c
  5. Spawtsie Paws

    Could use advice?

    It does sound like a mixture of depression AND anxiety. You need to see a psychiatrist when you can. However, I personally can relate to depression. While I have never been officially diagnosed, it is something I have been battling throughout my teen to my mid 20s. Last year it was especially...
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    group therapy

    Yes, she does sound like she is overbearing. And it does appear to me that you are confirmation bias. Hopefully you'll at least consider it for the benefit of you, not your mother. If you attend the group therapy once and it does not work, you can at least say you tried. I know that I have tried...
  7. Spawtsie Paws

    Confessions thread

    Mhmm! That always throws me off too! Especially if they change both username and avatar!
  8. Spawtsie Paws

    Confessions thread

    I feel sad that I do not recognize any names of this forum anymore. Well, maybe an occasional name or two but they are so few and far between.
  9. Spawtsie Paws

    Gaming apparel

    Yes, tasteless!
  10. Spawtsie Paws

    Brag about your fursona!

    Spots. Anything else is irrelevant.
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    Caffiene Appreciation Thread

    I drink caffeine constantly while on duty. It is like my life line...sadly, however, it doesn't help with my blood pressure. But when it is 0300 and you have a high acuity patient, I'm just happy I am able to focus. When I am home, I leisurely drink coffee otherwise I get pretty down. I am...
  12. Spawtsie Paws

    Would you, could you, have you ever... Karaoke?

    I would have to be reaaaally drunk because I am not one to make myself the center of attention. Maybe it is the lack of self-confidence!
  13. Spawtsie Paws

    Gaming apparel

    I have never bought gaming apparel. I'm not condoning it, I just find it to be tasteless.
  14. Spawtsie Paws

    The general confessions thread,

    I confess I used to be an obnoxious FAF posting fag that didn't know when to stop. Now I work and have grown to hate the world like every mature and reasonable adult.
  15. Spawtsie Paws

    The general confessions thread,

    When a patient is in pain, I "administer" an IV flush to help with the pain. If they are still in pain after a high dose of normal saline, i'll give morphine or fentanyl. Dallas drug seekers :c