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  1. Spikey2k2

    Furry Paraphanalia that You Own?

    I own the Criterion Collection version of The Fantastic Mr. Fox on blu-ray, does that count?
  2. Spikey2k2

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Well it was the new Ninja Turtles. Uhm, better than I thought it would be?
  3. Spikey2k2

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Okay granted it wasn't the level cap it was the fact the level cap it had was 20. I could of been happy with level 100 or even 50, but I felt unsatisfied and I wanted to keep playing. I guess in the end it's a compliment. I also had preordered the collectors edition. That didn't help.
  4. Spikey2k2

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Heavily modded Fallout 3 now. I admittedly got turned off it when I first bought it because after the main quest i couldn't continue. I didn't like that. And even if I could there was a level cap also bullshit.
  5. Spikey2k2

    Do you even screenshot

    Yes I do play other games. But Skyrim is just so damn photogenic.
  6. Spikey2k2

    I've done it, succesfully bred huntsman spiders :D

    Good for you Harbinger, and congratulations.
  7. Spikey2k2

    things you just dont understand

    I don't get Doctor Who. I've watched old and new episodes. I don't get it.
  8. Spikey2k2

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

  9. Spikey2k2

    What's the most desperate thing you've done for a date?

    Nothing. Nookie's not on my radar for the most part. Plus if I have to jump through hoops for affection? That person can go fuck themselves.
  10. Spikey2k2

    The mystery of Cupcake

    Who on earth would not want to give a banana a blowie?
  11. Spikey2k2

    The mystery of Cupcake

    Easily. You eat a cupcake like Shaggy eats his sandwiches. One bite.
  12. Spikey2k2

    Unpopular Opinions

    The argument only becomes stupid when the governments these guns are to protect against have drones, and missiles that can slide down your chimney and kiss you on the nose before exploding. Was this a good thing to have back when this hemp paper document was written? Yes, everyone had the same...
  13. Spikey2k2

    Thanksgiving and Family Gatherings

    I'm Canadian. My Thanks Giving has came and went already so... My mother and her husband came with my sister to my grandmothers place to eat. All an all not to much, and the turkey was good.
  14. Spikey2k2

    Hugs or no hugs?

    No... I'm... Well... I don't fuckin' know. I really don't like being touched sometimes. I flinch too easily, and I shake when I cuddle. But I like personal contact at the same time. It's like I'm scared they'll hurt me, physically terrified they will literally punch me or worse.
  15. Spikey2k2

    Do you even screenshot

    Blu'fir? Tokin at the bar. Legal in Skyrim.