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    Download server lagging?

    Doesn't this have to do with simply disabling Cloudflare's image optimization? Feature that has been in beta forever and has been reported to not work very well in a lot of situations. Should be a simple toggle in a dropdown menu. Not sure what the impact of turning this off would be at...
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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Usergroups, Image Pools/Folder, Character Pages (details and gallery of images containing), Submission Tool Improvements for the forementioned, Keyword Filtering, Viewer Contributed Keywording, Stream Time-Slot Submissions
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    Submission Viewing Grouping & Submission Type: Stream

    When I check my recent submissions for new stuff to look at, I would like music, visual art and writing to be separated from one another to make it more clear what I'm opening. There's no point in opening a 10 page story if I don't have the time to read it or pictures if I'm just looking for...
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    Can we get a list of all the groups on FA that have already been created?

    It's nice that we have a pointlessly round-about way of doing groups on FA, but it'd be nicer if we had an actual groups feature with a searchable directory so people could submit their work via their own personal and choose to include it in any groups that they have posting rights to. Public...
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    Fur Affinity/Furocity Joining Forces

    If the only thing being merged is admins, mods and coders, so both sites can see some development - then cool. Cross promotion is also cool, and makes plenty of sense. Hell, being able to log in at one site and browse/post/comment on the other would even be cool - able to submit/journal on...
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    Fur Affinity/Furocity Joining Forces

    At least I've heard of Pounced, Rabbit Hole and F-List. ---- If you guys are just merging administration and cross promotion, probably should have just said that instead of leaving it so broad. Pretty sure the first things people thought was 1. What the hell is Furocity and 2. Am I going to...
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    As soon as I saw the banner, I knew there would be a thread like this here. XD Kinda left wondering what sparked this whole `fat bunny week` thing though - even if I do really like Katmomma's art.
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    Server Hardware Fault

    I think that offering additional options to users who subscribed with a payment structure similar to that which perhaps LiveJournal provides would not be unreasonable by any means. Personally, I browse this site every day and would be willing to pay for additional features if that means that...
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    FA Project: UI Overhaul

    Things I would like to see: Groups Multiple Color Schemes (I'd love to see a Savannah Gold/Brown one...) "Nav Links" Conversion to Horizontal Style rather than left frame. Comprehensive Species List Groups should be obvious why people want that. Then if you're drawing something for a...
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    Bafflefield 2142

    Well, it's a damn shame that I don't think this is the worst thing ever to happen. As long as they don't start advertising hemeroid creams and yeast infection killers on these boards and they manage to at least make the advertisements look like they fit the background they're going into...
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    +Watch : Additional Location Possibility?

    Hey, can we get a +WATCH on submission view pages to the right of all the other options? I don't imagine this would be a difficult thing to add or I wouldn't mention it, but I keep noticing that there are all these people who's art I've fav'd and they're not on my watch list because I keep...
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    Forced Categorization

    Honestly, I've heard that there is something along the lines of a filtering system revamp. I'd love to see them do something similar to Y!'s Filtering System as far as the filtering goes. I've also heard something to the amount of that the administrative staff will be more closely dealing...
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    Question/Suggestion: Scheduled Tasks List?

    Is there currently a list of any sort that users can view which shows current upgrades/revisions that are being worked on for FA? If there isn't, does this seem like something reasonable? An idle thought came to mind before I was going to leave feedback tonight and it was "What if they're...
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    Suggestion: Color Themes

    LOL! 2 Points to facek!
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    Suggestion: Color Themes

    Same layout/template but allows users to set a field that loads them up a minorly different color scheme. The cold blue/greys really aren't all that inviting... I shouldn't need to say more, I'm sure the devs are more than capable. :D This certainly isn't any other gallery site, but the...