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    Jawbreaker the Savage Poodle

    Like fursuits?! Like gaming? Like conventions? Check out Jawbreaker the savage poodle on YouTube! You know you want to! Youtube: www.youtube.com: JawbreakerXD Click eeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  2. SpunSugar

    $11 Digivice Badges

  3. SpunSugar

    $11 Digivice Badges

    Get your fursona a digivice badge (no, it doesn't have to be a digimon)! I accept payment via Paypal.
  4. SpunSugar

    Space Available at Westin for Anthrocon 2018

    I still have room in my hotel at the Westin for Anthrocon. I am a 28 year old female and a vendor in the dealers room. The room is for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night checking out Monday morning.
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    Mechacon 2017

    I'm going! In fact, I will be having a table in the artist alley. My booth is called Panda Fuzz.
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    Youtube Gaming in Fursuit!

    Hi guys, I started a YouTube gaming channel in fursuit a few weeks ago. I currently have 5 gameplays uploaded. Check them out! I also take suggestions on games to play. =) www.youtube.com: JawbreakerXD
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    Kawaii Badges for Midwest Furfest Pick Up

    I will be having a table in the dealers room at Midwest Furfest and I have badge commissions open. Right now I am having a special sale for the first 2 to commission a badge. Badges are normally $35 whether you want a headshot, bust, or full body, but the first 2 people will get one for $30. The...
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    Hotel Room Space Available for MidWest FurFest

    One slot has been filled, but I still have a couple left!
  9. SpunSugar

    Hotel Room Space Available for MidWest FurFest

    I have a hotel room booked for MidWest Furfest. I have 4 slots open. The cost is $122 each. This room is for 3 nights, December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, checking out on the 4th. This is a 2 queen bed non-smoking room at the Crowne Plaza. I accept money via Paypal. You are responsible for any paypal...
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    Dutch angel dragon. =)

    Dutch angel dragon. =)
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    I could do a headshot for $15. I specialize in fairy kei style actually.
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    Halloween Fur Badges $35 FREE US SHIPPING!

    What does your fursona want to be for Halloween? Whether you want a head shot or bust it is $35 with FREE shipping in the US. Your badge will come on a pretty gold chain along with a jack-o-lantern charm that you get to choose the color of (no more than 3 colors please). The second photo below...
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    Anthrocon: Room Space Available At Marriott Pittsburgh City Center

    I have a room available at the Marriott Pittsburgh City Center. The room is for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday(checking out on Sunday). The room is $132 per person. I have 2 slots left remaining. Here are the rules: You must be AT LEAST 18 years old. I prefer someone at least 21, but 18 is...