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Hey, I'm Artemis and I have been part of the furry community since 2001. I stumbled upon them while I was role playing on Neopets as a kid and have loved every minute of it since then.

I would say I'm in love with creativity. I go through lots of books and music and I love artwork; it has been a dream of mine to make lots of my own ever since I learned that people come up with their own characters and bring them to life. I have a long list of things I would love to do, but high up there is getting better at drawing and also putting on live music shows for people. I could spend my whole life making art and supporting artists and I would be happy.

I spend a lot of time studying quantum physics, computation, and technology in general. I work full time as a software developer and I also come home at the end of the day to work on side projects in the quantum computing space so it is a deep passion of mine. I spend a lot of time making fractals and studying exotic mathematics. Anything I can get my hands on really.

I love video games and I have enthusiast PC hardware. I enjoy putting in hours working on my computer and just testing out its limits. Currently sitting on a Threadripper and some prosumer Radeon GPUs.

My DMs are always open and if you ever want to talk, or need someone to listen to you, or need advice, whatever it is you should just say hi!

Hail satan, love the occult, ACAB, trans right are human rights, borders are violence, etc...
Aug 24, 1991 (Age: 29)
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Daemon / Wolf / Goat
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Truth | Contentment | Empathy | Humility | Love​



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