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    (Commission) Selling: Needle felt doll commissions 200$+

    Ooh I would love to get one or two of these. I will DM you.
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    For me it was growing up in a conservative religious community, yes. In my experience the rest of the people who are against polyamory usually feel it rooted in a sense of insecurity. The concept of dating many people is honestly a threatening concept to the traditional monogamous worldview...
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    On The Increasingly Agitating Subject Of Pricing Your Art

    I would like to share some thoughts in case they are helpful for artists. I buy a lot of commissions, YCH, adoptables, etc... As a customer I typically feel like I always have to add in $ tips $ for artists just to get their base price up around $75-$100 as a minimum. Artists can easily spend...
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    I'm sorry to hear you've been treated that way. I'm all too familiar with that sentiment unfortunately; it used to be one I shared in the past. I still have have a journal entry from years ago where I go on and on about how immoral and fake poly people are. It took time for me to undo the...
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    How Did Your Family/Friends Treat You After They Found Out About You Being a Furry?

    I use my fursona as my avatar at work and I'm out to most people who know me. Family doesn't care. All of my personal profiles have some sort of link to my fursona just because it's an active part of my hobbies. Nobody cares. It's not a big deal!
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    How do you use computer time to write, and do other productive things, without getting all distracted?

    I follow the Stephen King method of locking myself in a room with the computer and not turning on social media until I'm done with whatever I need to write/do. Even if it takes me hours. I also keep a separate browser (Firefox Dev Edition) for looking up things related to productivity and work...
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    I'm polyamorous and ideally would participate in a commune in person. I'm part of one digitally for now. That said, I only have one partner in person right now and I'm pretty selective. Sex is lovely, but also a lot of work! Don't let the presence or lack of it define your life. Unless it's...
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    What’s the appeal of adoptables?

    I adopt characters who have designs I want to borrow for my main sona. I also adopt characters who I think would look good getting it on with my sona in commissions. Sometimes an artist just nails something that was in my head but I'm bad at describing. To me, "adopting" a sona is no different...
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    (Commission) Selling: ♥ CactusKiss Commissions ♥ $10-$75 (SFW/NSFW)

    Ayyy forums are back online. Friendly bump! This artist is super good at commissions.
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    Does anyone have extra Toyhouse codes?

    Does anyone have a code for Toyhouse or know where I can find one? Edit: Thank you. Got one
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    You seem like a positive influence around here! Keep being your awesome self.

    You seem like a positive influence around here! Keep being your awesome self.
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    Would you spank the furry above you? (give reasons why if ya like!)

    No, because they did not worship the skunk!
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    Is depression real?

    Depression is real. To think otherwise is to be willfully ignorant of medical science. I have to deal with this question all of the time regarding ADHD and it results in patients have negative health-outcomes due to misinformation from the general public.
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    Open Chat

    There are a lot of amazing people around here.
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    Your perspective on spirituality

    Spirituality is large motivating factor in my life. It used to be more of a core part of my external identity when I was a kid but I went through many periods of reconstructing my beliefs growing up and ended up in an unorthodox place. I would describe what I believe in to be radical spiritual...