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  1. Stacy Fabre

    Hiring: Looking for pro artist that will design my fursona. [50-150$]

    Hello! :) Haha, its funny that a fox was the first idea I came up with for a promotional sample of my work: My usual rates vary from $25 - $45 per hour depending on the project and I got this done in 5 hours so we can talk: Feel free to check out my other work for clients here...
  2. Stacy Fabre

    Hiring: Looking for Artists! (Budget 5-60$)

    Hiya :D For Sure interested, I'm new around here but have been able to make a sample: I charge around $25 per hour and finished this in about 5, but I'm sure we can make a plan to fit into your budget of $60. I'd be willing to do colours and line for two characters with one being Lewd...
  3. Stacy Fabre

    (Commission) Selling: Selling Conceptual/ Commission Based Art (Starting at $50 - $200)

    Greetings! I'm new around these parts and am a scalie myself. I thought I'd offer my services to folx out there who want fursonas/ conceptual work with background/ dynamic poses/ stylized backgrounds etc. I'm a pretty versatile artist and here's a sample piece I whipped up in about 5 hours...