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    A RE-introduction?

    Thanks all for the welcome. :3
  2. Stargazer Bleu

    What video game are you playing...

    Mostly playing Finial Fantasy 14. Can't wait for 5.5 and then Endwalkers. Tho I also am slipping in some Grandia HD Remaster. Will go back to Lil Dragon's Cafe after finishing that.
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    Hi there, and welcome :3
  4. Stargazer Bleu

    Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)

    2505 *rawrs*
  5. Stargazer Bleu

    Problems with Site Maintenance?

    If any still getting the FA is down screen, try doing a CTRL+F5 refresh. Sight is up for me.
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    Who is the oldest furry?

    I know/met of some in their 50s Tho heard of others in their 60s. I been in the fandom for a while. I even attended a Confurence convention.
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    Do animals have souls? Your thoughts!

    I have basic Christian beliefs, tho I do agree about the living things have a soul as well. I just find it difficult to believe they don't. I think if one type of living thing has a soul then all living things do. I laughed at this more than I should of.
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    A RE-introduction?

    Hope this is ok to post this here. Wow its been forever and a day or two since I logged onto to forum part of FA. Not sure how long I will keep coming to check here, tho I hope I do occasionally. So hi there all, to all old and new furs(and fur supporters), wonder if any of the older members...
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    Favourite gamecube games?

    Hard to remember all I really liked, tho the ones I remember off the bat are, MGS remake, Metroid Prime 1&2, Super Smash Bros, PSO(with the online adapter), Tales of Symphonia, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Mario Sunshine, Star Wars Rouge Squadron II(Rouge Leader)
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    No places to eat around Califur's new hotel?

    If you got a room at main hotel, bring your own food. All rooms are suites, they have mini fridges and microwaves. I know eating out is way more fun, tho its cheaper to bring own food. Think of it this way, more money to spend on por..... errr art.
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    So What do you have in your room

    Very surprised plushies is so high. A lot of furries I heard said they wouldn't be caught dead with one. XD Tho my room has them everywhere :D
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    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    I never mind if others do it or not on my page, tho I don't bother with doing it. To me it like I do it cause I like the things the artist have, or like the pic. I don't fave/watch to get thanks.
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    Going to Califur?

    I am going as well. Been going to it for years, and excited to see the new location. It is after all the same grounds that host the LA county fair. Just a minor edit/add. My mate is doing a panel. Califur wanted it to be listed under BDSM o.O Tho I can see why for some of the things people do...
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    Welp, the forum is back

    Hewo again FA forums. Been forever I last posted here. Came to check the newly opened forums. Seems like slight cosmetic looks since last time I was here. Tho I do miss the looks of the forums when I first initially joined several years ago. Before it went all white. Will the link to FA be...
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    Site status closed?

    I can see it now, FA gets fixed then furries rush all at same time, and DDoS by its own users. Wow! furries really do ruin everything. :3