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    Millimeters - My own Link of the Day :D

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    Server Hardware Fault

    Not having a license attached doesn't mean you can put one of your own on, period. Just because a file or two might have a GPL header does not automatically cover the rest.
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    Server Hardware Fault

    That's what I'm thinking! First, the word "DOUCHEBAG" comes to mind. Posting old code. Second, the GPL only permits redistribution if it was originally under that license. You can not simply declare private code as open source just because you feel like it, especially since it's not yours...
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    Server Hardware Fault

    Whaddaya mean, Sun stopped them? They certainly did not! Read, under the list of procs; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPARC
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    Server Hardware Fault

    My father used to shutoff the computer to get me to go to bed at night, by killing the breaker. I turned it back on and heard a loud snapping bang from the PC. A cap and transistor blew, fortunately not destroying anything else down the line. Another one failed when I moved it and plugged it...
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    Server Hardware Fault

    In my experience, seemingly random errors that affect seemingly random parts of the system have been caused by a faulty power supply. I've also seen power supplies (plural) fail simply from being plugged in. I wouldn't rule out that being the source, since you've had power problems from the...
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    Server Hardware Fault

    This one is actually true, I speak from personal experience. :D
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    Server Ordered

    What about eSATA? Fiber Channel? You could get a rack case specifically for a RAID then use that for the main server?
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    Account Security - Friendly Reminder!

    Ultra High Security Password Generator: http://www.grc.com/password.htm
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    Weve got a comment bot

    Ban via IP address/Reverse DNS with htaccess or something?
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    Dragoneer's Guide to Wacoms

    What about the Cintiq? How is good or bad is your experience with that?
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    FA Server -- Inside the Hosting Facility

    nah, I only have the raq3 (pre-sun). I *DO* have it running the raq4 software. I would like to know how to get RH on there. IIRC upgrading the kernel is a pain.
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    FA Server -- Inside the Hosting Facility

    It's funny to see a couple of Cobalt Raq's sitting in there. I have a Raq3 of my own, made and sold long before Sun Microsystems bought them out and destroyed the lineup.
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    Worst Beverage You've Ever Had?

    Without any doubt, Vodka is the worst thing I can imagine. The last time I had it, I threw up all over the place. I could not crawl across the hall from my room to the bathroom before puking. I also tried a mix of rum, vodka, tequila, and whiskey. Best whiskey I've had is Glenfidditch 18...
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    Downtime as of Feb. 21st

    Is it possible, that the image is just in my cache? It didn't load instantly, but it loaded fast. I could be wrong, but nrr from #furaffinity just reported that he got to that link without problem.