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Well...I guess I'll try to do more of this later. I don't really have much to say. I CAN say I'm very nice, and I CAN be fun, although I don't tend to come off too well with new people, cause mom&dad always said not to talk to strangers! Nah, it's just that I get shy and anxious in uncomfortable situations like meeting&being around multiple new people, especially if they all know each other, or r already a group of friends, and it may seem like I'm just not paying attention, disinterested in what's going on around me or into talking/interacting, like I'm bored or annoyed or something, but it's not like that at all. Oddly, mostly just social situations, cause other times, like school, I'm a total clown, relaxed and confident enough to be funny, and no problem getting people to like me, so I really have no clue what, or where the line is. Also I don't really play games anymore, which seems to b practically the biggest part of what most furries are into, which doesn't help building any bridges, although i do really like old school games, and will probably buy the system JUST to play the new FF7 when it comes out.
Columbia, md
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