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  1. strifeyy

    (Commission) Selling: strifey / calen's commissions [$10+]

    bump with my half of an art trade ! :]
  2. strifeyy

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking to build up art pieces for this Alien!

    hey! she has a neat design ! you can check out my style, along with my usual pricing, on my commission thread here :]
  3. strifeyy

    (Commission) Selling: strifey / calen's commissions [$10+]

    howdy howdy i'm calen / strifey here's my current offerings! happy to draw any body types, ferals, furries/anthros, human/oids, etc. complex designs may have an additional fee. nsfw is available for 18+ and is viewable here on toyhouse (age-restricted) or you're welcome to dm me here or on FA...
  4. strifeyy

    Hiring: Magical Dumpster Dragon

    hey! you have a very fun sona :0 i recognize iguanamouth's art ! feel free to check out my commission thread here for my usual pricing and examples c:
  5. strifeyy

    Hiring: ($25+) Any Valentine's YCH's?

    hey! if you're still looking, feel free to check out my commission thread here c: i don't have ychs specifically, but i'd be happy to put a piece together for you !
  6. strifeyy

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for a Valentine's Day commission of my and my GF's OCs

    hi! depending on what you're thinking, i offer a few things that might fit your budget! feel free to check out my commission thread here c:
  7. strifeyy

    (Commission) Selling: strifey's commissions ($10+) reopened

    bump with some recent pieces! c: