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  • LOL. Okay, makes sense. Glad FA forum doesn't make a habit of rewriting things like that. Was kinda worried they did that when I saw the name, but couldn't find answers. Thanks.
    I have a question: Is your name supposed to be subversive imagination, but there's not enough room? Or does the imaginati mean something else? It's kinda been bugging me; I guess it's not terribly important, but i'd still like to know.
    I find it particularly interesting that you're making the assumptions that: 1) Women would never (at least in appreciable numbers) harass men in a restroom (or in public, for that matter), 2) Most men harass women publicly, 3) You keep repeating that most men would rape if the word "Rape" is not in use (By the way, I'm curious if your study has the same questions asked to woman participants, or if there is a female analogy), and 4) The implication that the likelihood of being raped by a woman are near-negligible.

    Again, Protip: "I'm not hating on men, I'm just saying most men are harassment-prone womanizers who'll rape a woman as long as fancy wordplay's involved" is about as effective as going "I'm not hating on women, I'm just saying that if they never left the kitchen and could keep their legs shut there would be less rape". Quite obviously if I said that in a thread you'd tell me to get my head checked out.
    Protip: If you want to say "No-one's hating on men", don't imply that the "vast majority" of men would use multisex restrooms as a rape-sanctuary, or that most men would commit rape as long as you used a different word to describe it. You'd accuse me of sexism if I argued something similar about women, don't make a double-standard wherein it's fine to make such sweeping claims about a significant portion of the world's population because they were born XY instead of XX.
    Everyone is still in a learning process; I am too. Only a few years ago I was part of the majority using offensive words against women, the mentally/physically disabled and other oppressed groups. Now I'm doing my best to replace all of my language with different vocabulary as well as changing my mindset about oppressed groups and realizing all of the privileges I benefit from. The point is, you are open-minded and you are still learning /because/ of that. <3
    I think you have to be one of my favorite people on this board. Every time I see a post made by you I just want to dance and sing in rejoice. Combatting ableism, classism, racism, sexism with ACTUAL knowledge about the subjects? It's such a rare thing to see on the boards here that I want to cry tears of pure joy. We need more people like you, and we need the people on the boards to get their heads stuck out of their privileged assholes.
    Yeah, see, I think that's the problem with it. Folks don't seem to think about it unless it's them, or they think it's all in the past or something. :| I've got a degenerative tissue disorder which eventually be quite disabling (already is for my ma). I suppose I've been on both sides of the fence--used to be pretty healthy and mobile. Experiencing this decline over the past few years and seeing how it changes the way folks treat a person has been a bit of an eye-opener.

    When I first said "ableism" here, I had people asking me if it was even a real word.
    I'll have to say, when I saw another FAFer genuinely talk about ableism unprompted I just about did a somersault.* I've only seen one other poster bring it up on his own and he's never quite made a habit of it. There are a lot of wonderfully progressive voices here, but unfortunately most of them seem unaware of the issue or disinterested in/uncomfortable with/are just plain bad at bringing it up on their own.

    *Contents of sentence may be exaggerated.
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