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Recent content by Sulggo

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    Innocent Poll

    The last warrior standing oohh aahhh
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    What is your favorite band?

    Nofx Kittie Slipknot Me first and the gimmie gimmie gimmies Sublime Kid cudi Lupe fiasco
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    Working Furs.

    Considering I work in a bakery I would a walking fire hazard do do do man this suit is getting really FIRE!
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    Zombie Films

    Undead or alive its zombedy!
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    Any other snowboarders out there?

    Nope sorry bro I wish I had some mountians next to me
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    Zombie Films

    Not to be an asshole but its George A. Romero. Redneck zombies is one I know its an old cheaply made one.
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    Do you think the fandom is going mainstream?

    I don't think its mainstream but we have made ourselves known in the past couple of years
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    I've always wondered what furries so in a normal day.

    wake up at twelve go to work till nine come home stay up till three. days off never know I could be fishing, downtown, camping, or laying on the couch
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    Post a pic of your Desktop/Gaming Setup

    my projector pushing an 80in screen connected to a ps3 and 360
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    Legacy of Kain?

    Playing the games is the only way to understand the full story. I was hopeing there was going to be one more to finish the story of kain.
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    PS3 PSN Gamers

    Psn: sulggo Need to mw2 I haven't got anything new always playing sf4, mgs4 or army of two.
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    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Uh public enemys but I was drunk and kept passing out during it
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    Hi there!

    Helllloo bundy welcome
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    Hey there welcome