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    Opinions on "Art Hogs" ?

    If people spend large amounts of money on art, it helps support working artists so I approve of this.
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    WIP Lizard thingumajig...

    A furry crested gecko?.
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    Which Community is Friendlier? FA or DeviantART?

    Both are about the same.
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    Welcome to Fur Base

    Ok, thanks.
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    Welcome to Fur Base

    HeyInfrarednexus, Your link didn't seem to work.
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    Sharing some art

    www.furaffinity.net: Holiday T-shirt design art by Summer_Salamander You can critique this one too and I can edit this one as I have saved on Photoshop elements right now.
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    Sharing some art

    Decided to share some sample art to share. I've been trying to get this piece into photoshop elements so I can color and edit it. I'm frustrating and eager to share art so I'm posting this despite that I'd rather share a colored and edited version. www.furaffinity.net: TMNT frog by...
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    It's finally happening.

    Nope , I might want to exchange one of my X chromosomes for a Y chromosome.
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    It's finally happening.

    I'm hoping chromosome changes could become an option.
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    Group Therapy

    Trust issues are a fundamental problem for me as well.
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    Do You Think Negative Opinions on Art Should be Kept to Oneself?

    I've said the issue of critique goes both ways concerning the artist and the audience giving the critiques. Some artists request critiques and then get upset when other people give them critiques. These artists are irritating to other artists because it means artists have more trouble getting...
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    Do You Think Negative Opinions on Art Should be Kept to Oneself?

    I completely disagree with the idea of being able to freely criticise artists and expecting artists to get thicker skin or whatever if they feel hurt by the criticism. That's not how social interactions work or should work. It seems to imply that people can be rude on purpose and if someone...
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    Ashamed of my comic...

    Congrats on getting your work out there. I'm curious and am going to go take a look. Are you looking for critiques here?.
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    Advice on Sona Appreciation?

    I have never cared about getting a lot of attention for my chars. I am irritated when I spent a lot of time and effort on a char design only to have my art get ignored. I think what helps most when wanting a char to get noticed is probably the same that helps getting art noticed on the...
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    Popular Higher Skilled Artists vs Lesser Skilled Artist ~ Need opinions/experiences!

    I've had people tell me that my art is so bad that I might as well consider myself a beginner and relearn all over as a beginner artist using the internet as a resource. While I realize these people might mean well, I cannot comprehend how that would work. It would be like people telling me to...