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    Anyone gone or heard of fangcon?

    Fangcon - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia I believe Keefur on FA is one of the people behind it.
  2. Summercat

    "The Failure of Rainfurrest" video

    Yeah, it's not like there's been any other incidents at all that might suggest sabotage.
  3. Summercat

    Let me force un-faves

    I've found something on the front page, decided I liked it, and faved it within seconds of it being submitted so many times over the years... And it's legit. It's not just to increase numbers. I like stuff. I also will generally favorite an item the first place I see it. Sometimes I'll...
  4. Summercat

    How Long Should a Story for FurAffinity be? How many pages?

    The question should not be "How long should the story be", but "How big should each segment I upload be". Stories can be as long and a short as you want or need them to be, but an ideal FA reading chunk would probably be like 4000 words or smaller. Edit: Also, I find that discussing page...
  5. Summercat

    Looking for the name of a comic book that could be 20 years old...

    Inspector Canardo - Wikipedia Interesting! Was this released in English, or in North America? I've never heard of it, and the Wiki page seems a bit sparse on information.
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    "The Failure of Rainfurrest" video

    It wasn't. He's actually been banned from the con before for disruption and harassing, and he broke AC's code of conduct this year as well.
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    Thoughts on the Meaning of Furry: An Essay

    Consider the 80s/90s stereotypical comic book nerd, and the 90s/early 2000s anime otaku. The stereotypes, not the reality. I would say it's expected that they dress up in sexy stuff but don't do anything (cause lol nerds, amiright). Whereas fursuits are cute, and being sexualized. And if it's a...
  8. Summercat

    Thoughts on the Meaning of Furry: An Essay

    I speak in general terms only, as I define the various things only so far to support my view that they are distinct. "For me Furry is all these things at the same time, a series of distinct yet overlapping sets on a Venn Diagram of the population of "Furries": fans of the Genre, members of the...
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    Thoughts on the Meaning of Furry: An Essay

    This is what happens when there's just one term that's used for multiple concepts. Happens all the time as older terms get re-used for new concepts. "Robot" is a term for a machine capable of doing a complex series of actions, but originated in English as the Anglicized Czeck word for 'slave'...
  10. Summercat

    Thoughts on the Meaning of Furry: An Essay

    The more I see responses like this, the more I think I should have added in a section that talks about Furry as the anthro animal characters, and Furry as a member of the fandom. I decided against putting it in because I wanted the focus to be on the Fandom - but I guess you could say "A Furry...
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    Thoughts on the Meaning of Furry: An Essay

    Hello all! I've been working on an essay about how I define Furry for about 2 years (admittedly, abandoned for most of that time), and finally posted it the other day. I figured I'd link it here for those who might be interested in reading it. Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net: Thoughts on the...
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    Welp, the forum is back

    The furry fandom is much, much larger than Furaffinity.
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    The end of an era

    "Buy Furry Fuel!"
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    Califur 2015

    Cabaret Le Fur Dance accepting act applications! As per our Cabaret lead this year, "Attention, luscious furs! From dance numbers to filking and anything in between … it’s time to dig out our best acts and put our best paw forward for Cabaret Fur Le Dance 2015. A Southern California...
  15. Summercat

    Califur 2015

    Reserved for any FAQs!