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    ~ 'SkahllyBir Yarn Tails ~

    Can you do tufted tails, like a lion or a cow sort of thing? I would think you'd be able to add a tuft to the end of your "thin" tail size, but I'm not sure how difficult this would be. Do you think this would look stupid, or is it a legit idea? ^^;
  2. Sundown

    Ambition (or lack thereof)

    I want to write a story with interesting characters and create a universe so diverse that it inspires other people to write within that world. I guess i don't want much. ^^; Can't imagine willingly being a pet though. >> Might be fun to play around like that every now and then, but not on a...
  3. Sundown

    Writing skills diminished?

    Could get a writing partner I suppose. My beta/penpal is a lot of help when I actually manage to produce anything. ^^; (I'm a slacker.:p) Sometimes it's nice just to exchange little snippets of writing. Plus it's surprisingly helpful in developing characters. Maybe you could try the reverse...
  4. Sundown

    Anyone Want to Make a Universe With Me?

    As you should. I'm simply that marvelous. ;p Too soon. We'll need a larger chunk of Lore before it's practical I think. :/
  5. Sundown

    Anyone Want to Make a Universe With Me?

    Chaos and order are inherently always coexisting. You can't really have one without the other. I vote that Chaos and Order are having a cosmic lovers tiff. }:]
  6. Sundown

    Anyone Want to Make a Universe With Me?

    Hn. It would be interesting to make a point that either goddess "winning" the war would effectively destroy the universe. Life cannot flourish in either absolute state, just like a plant can't live with sun or shade all the time. You could perhaps divide it into several cultures, some that...
  7. Sundown

    Another husky bounces into the room

    Hi, welcome to the board. ^^
  8. Sundown

    What is your sexual orientation

    It's kinda difficult to say what I'm attracted to since my tastes vary so widely. I'd have to say I find the feminine preferable, but the masculine does have a certain appeal as well. I guess I find women more... erotic than men. Though men tend to be more straightforward, and I'm fond of that...
  9. Sundown

    Why do many Furries lack Confidence?

    I can be confident in some areas and shy in others - and social activities is one of those areas that makes me cripplingly, mind numbly, chronically shy. It's probably unrelated to me being a furry though. >>
  10. Sundown

    What is your sexual orientation

    Ace all the way. :3 Well technically biromantic ace, but since we couldn't pick two options... >>
  11. Sundown

    Stuck on names

    I've found the best way is to figure out what their parents - or whoever named them - was like. How were they named and why? What year is it? (Different 'types' of names were popular in different years.) What sort of image to you want to invoke? One of my characters has a name she loathes...
  12. Sundown

    5$ commissions!

    Would you do it off of worded descriptions alone? I don't have a ref yet. ^^; (I can provide real animal ref pictures though.) Still working on it, but for a first draft headshot five dollars is not bad, yeah? ;p
  13. Sundown

    My First Fursona (Critiques Please?)

    My second attempt at a Fursona, though it’s probably closer to just another character. XD WORK IN PROGRESS Name: Dawn “Dawnie” (pronounced “Donnie”) Age: Nineteen Sex: Female Species: Welsh Black Mountain Sheep/Red Serow Height: 5’3” Weight: 189 Appearance: - Hair and fur...
  14. Sundown

    Looking for quotes and a specific skillset

    Hey, new to the whole commissioning art thing, so if I make a faux pas you have my sincerest apologies. Also, I'm just looking for quotes at the moment. I do have the money, but I don't have a paypal at this time, so it would be difficult for me to pay anyone. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me...