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    Battlefield 3: Those damn issues

    99 problems but a bug ain't one. (for me)
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    Some Important Information For Gamers on Youtube

    This is not old if all the contents of the old bill were pushed into this. You guys have no idea how severe this thing can affect the internet.
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    Batman: Arkham City

    That doesn't seem to make much sense to me.
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

    I had to log on after probably a whole year just to say you guys seem to hate everything on everything about Elder Scrolls. I can't wait for Skyrim to come out, because I enjoyed Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion. (and anyone who says New Vegas is better than Fallout 3 is quite strange in my...
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    They have changed a lot design-wise.... gameplay hasn't changed at all. I can't tell if they improved weapons or made them worse, because a few of them are still ridiculously overpowered, so gunplay still sucks. Laggy servers. But I love it so damn much. I don't know why.
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    So Battlefield 3 comes out this fall

    So much anger, so much hate. We think of you exactly the same as the "whiny teenage pricks". If you got nothing to say positive (especially on an un-released product in alpha stage) then don't say it.
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    Best video game music?

    That makes no sense; Audiosurf really doesn't have it's own music.
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    I'll get it eventually. I'm just waiting so I can use my money for buying two games: Team ICO HD Collection and Duke Nukem: Forever for PC.... but there are so many games I want to get eventually..
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    Best video game music?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKwRm4SYu68 I swear, listening to this while running for your life had me sweating and paranoid that something bad was going to happen.
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    Dead Island

    I hope this is at least good. Nail'd was supposedly pretty bad because it was just too easy and on consoles, the graphics didn't shine at all.
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    Just got a wii, what games should I get?

    MadWorld, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Super Mario Galaxy - MUST GET. Also, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the only good horror game you can get on the Wii; it has a lot of replay value.
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    Dead Island

    I'm still curious as to how the game became delayed anyway.
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    Dead Island

    And just to clear up other info: the screenshots posted by Techland, the dev, are in fact in game. Still not very sure on how combat will turn out. 50% say it will be first-person turn-based, and 50% say dynamic combat in first person.
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    Any Furs still play Burnout Paradise?

    Most people don't realize that.
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    General Mass Effect thread

    Quite snug in all the right places, indeed. xD