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    eggs 2

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    What are some of your music recommendations?

    Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys is an amazing album, go listen to it. Get the remastered stereo version though because the mono version sounds compressed and crappy. Tom Waits' album Rain Dog is also fantastic.
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    Adult furry movies

    Space Buddies was p adult
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    What makes anthropomorphic characters so interesting?

    I dunno dude, the animal element probably makes the characters more interesting aesthetically than a normal human being.
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    Welp, the forum is back

    Ah cool, that sounds promising so long as the moderation doesn't go overboard. c:
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    Welp, the forum is back

    They used to look like this back when vBulletin was used, but the relaunched FAF uses XenForo. Two whole forum sections are gone too (Rants and Raves and Forum Games) which is kinda shit.
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    Who remembers old FAF?

    Yeah old FAF was p great
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    What do straight people even do

    Ive heard straights like cookies a lot. Source: I'm straight
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    Welp, the forum is back

    Forum Games section is gone too D:
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    Welp, the forum is back

    All my old embarrassing Rants and Raves threads have gone which is a bit shit. I was looking forward to have a lil' cringe over them.
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    Do you like eggs?

    Are eggs a good or a bad thing in the modern world?
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    Stereotypes of Your State (Or Country/Territory)

    Ginger people wearing kilts eating haggis, with a bagpipe playing in the background.