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  • Alright Sweety pie.
    You have got to tell me if you drew your profile pic.
    If not, who?

    Ignoring obvious hotness it is some amazing artwork.
    ..............The Chris GRaffe is always watching you.

    You weren't going insane in the Picture thread. I exist.

    I just got the last post on the page. Twice in a row actually.

    I don't even know what happened. I was messing around in paint and this came up.
    I came to ask where your avatar came from and then sweet mother of fuck, I saw that inexplicably GORGEOUS piece of woman on my left.

    (OwO )
    Quite a pleasant surprise to find you friending me at all. I wasn't expecting it what so ever, hope I don't bore you too much down the road. I can be quite composed unless you know me well enough to earn my comfort.
    Heya hon, folks seem to be lovin yah. If they get to bee too much let me know alright? Have a good one ;)
    Thanks for the f.r.

    You must be a mean person. Looked up "short, sweet, and to the point" on google images. And as you said that would be you. You punted a baby fifty yards! Wow you actually are amazing haha
    True Hachi/Hibachi
    The secret ultra difficult final boss of DoDonPachi. Every DoDonPachi has her, but the one you see is the sprite from the original game.
    Ha! Didn't know you replied. She has one of those looks like she knows what she has. But hay it is nice. I saw your avatar, then your profile pic.

    Profile pic= how you look in public
    Avatar= how you look by your self, next to one of those fun house mirrors haha.
    Too many to count!!! But, I'm glad everyone loves my fursona :) My profile pic is the most perfect description of what my fursona looks like and I wouldn't trade her for the world!
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