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  • Yeah, don't feel bad about arguing with Red, Sylox; it's not like you were aware she was going to die, or as if anybody who argues with each other on FA actually means to be upsetting.
    Is it just me, or did your virginity calendar stop going up within the last week? Anything exciting happen this past week?
    'tis fine. :3 We're friends now. :D Poorly matched with different views and opinions, but still. FRIENDS! :D
    I sent you a message and you never responded. :C Can't we be friends? I want to be your friend you know. :/
    I feel very tempted to click that Add as Friend button... Then again... I don't know if you accept white people as friends... But I am half-Slavic, half-Germanic, so... I'm not all that white you know.
    I think they obfuscate discussion. If people were directing insults like those at me, it would hurt my feelings; that's why I left for some months earlier this year, when some people decided to follow me around the forum accusing me of transphobia. These are the same people who now claim that physical sex is a social construct, that high rates of HIV in gay men is a medical conspiracy and so forth.
    It's cool that you collect rocks. Most people are just completely uninterested in their planet.
    OT on beliefs

    What is easy isn't neccesarily right, and sometimes you gotta work hard to have clear vision of the world around you.

    If you plan on being a senator, you need one unless you wanna be the next fool we laugh at on TV, honestly
    Sylox. I want to give you my sincerest apologies for my outburst at you the other day. I was way out of line and I am truly sorry about that. I have taken some time to think about what I said after I calmed down and I feel really terrible about it.
    There is no excusing what I did at all, so I am not going to give you any excuse, even though at the time of the even I felt there was a cause...I look back and realize there was not.
    Once again - my deepest apologies to you.

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