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  1. Syrcaid

    Sort of New XD

    Yep yep, it's all linked in my FA page info.
  2. Syrcaid

    Sort of New XD

    Howdy! And thanks! <3
  3. Syrcaid

    Sort of New XD

    Howdy! I'm new to the forums! Not new to the site, but I've just recently moved all of my adoptables and bases to it. Hope to find some people to talk to about the place. <3
  4. Syrcaid

    Main Site FA groups

    Yes, please! I'd love groups. They wouldn't even have to be that complicated. Perhaps a single page that listed group staff, admin, and links of member submissions. Eclipse didn't even incorporate Groups properly, instead it just linked to older pages. It's very difficult to navigate any of...